The Shaedon Resurgence Blog Tour!

I couldn’t be happier! Starting March 30th a blog tour of my series The Shaedon Resurgence will start on various Dutch blogs! I have a lot of avid reader fans who loved my first two books and are eager to read The Xoron Redemption, the grand finale of the series. But first, they’re looking back at what came before and then they’ll share their thoughts on the last book. During most of April you’ll be seeing multiple articles pass here, as I’ll edit this post and add links to it!

This Saturday I’ll be kicking off with an interview (in Dutch) on the blog: Nakita’s Library. March 30th is also my birthday, so it’s quite a special day to have an interview! 🙂

After that there will be a lot of reviews of all of my books over the coming month. I’m excited to see what people are saying about the books, and the trilogy as a whole!

Please stay tuned for The Shaedon Resurgence Blog Tour! For all the dates, please check the image below:

Blog Tour Banner 2019Please check back in regularly for updates!

Here are the links to all of the articles (so far):

30-03-2019: Interview with Jeffrey Debris @ Nakita’s Library

01-04-2019: Review: The Fall of Netherea @ The Book Dragon’s Nook

03-04-2019: Review: The Zar’aranos Deception @ The Book Dragon’s Nook

05-04-2019: Review: The Fall of Netherea @ Wendy’s Reviews

07-04-2019: Review: The Xoron Redemption @ The Book Dragon’s Nook

09-04-2019: Review: The Zar’aranos Deception @ Wendy’s Reviews

11-04-2019: Guest Review by the Book Magpie: The Xoron Redemption @ The Book Dragon’s Nook

15-04-2019: Review: The Xoron Redemption @ Wendy’s Reviews

17-04-2019: Review: The Fall of Netherea @ indeboekenkast

17-04-2019: Review: The Zar’aranos Deception @ indeboekenkast

23-04-2019: Review: The Xoron Redemption @ indeboekenkast

26-04-2019: Review: The Xoron Redemption @ Boeken & Leesclub De Prefecte Buren

29-04-2019: Review The Xoron Redeption @ Ik hou van horror, fantasy en spannende boeken!!

Happy reading!


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