Report: Dutch Comic Con

Last weekend was Dutch Comic Con at the Jaarbeurshallen in Utrecht. We were there with Celtica Publishing to celebrate the release of my third novel The Xoron Redemption, which is also the final part of The Shaedon Resurgence trilogy. Of course we didn’t leave without picking up some goodies ourselves!

Saturday, March 23rd, Day One of Dutch Comic Con

The first day of Dutch Comic Con was an early start for Bren and me. We had to get up at 7:00, which is a ridiculous lot earlier than we’re used to on a Saturday! The day before we picked up some cake with the cover of The Xoron Redemption printed on it.

Dutch Comic Con Report 01.jpg

Of course, everyone who came to pick up a copy of my latest novel was given free cake, a key chain, and if they bought the entire trilogy, they’d even get a home made scented candle, featuring Räz!

The moment we made it to the Celtica Publishing stand I already had to sign books! So I got to it right away. 🙂

And here I am, holding my third brainchild for the first time!

Dutch Comic Con Report 05.jpg

Me and my third brainchild! ^_^

On this first day of Dutch Comic Con we were joined by Anna Lopéz Dekker (colleague writer) and Liz van der Stelt (Celtica VIPster). They both helped to get Celtica’s books sold. 🙂

Dutch Comic Con Report 22.jpg

From left to right: Anna, me, Bren and Liz 🙂

Of course, Robin, Bren’s bestie joined us as well on Saturday! He was dressed as Agent 47 from the Hitman games! Of course, Robin is the better looking version 😛

Dutch Comic Con Report 21.jpg

Robin and Bren ^_^

Sebastiaan Koen, one of my fellow writers was the lucky winner of my first novel. Celtica Publishing held a contest to win my debut and book III, and Sebastiaan won book I. He came to our stand to pick up The Fall of Netherea. Later, when he was on the train on his way home he had already started reading the book and said he liked my writing style! Sounds like a happy reader to me! 🙂

Dutch Comic Con Report 06

Sebastiaan Koen holding his prize! ^_^ I hope he’ll enjoy my debut The Fall of Netherea!


My bestie Patty was there as well, of course! She joined us for a little while, since she was at Dutch Comic Con as a visitor. Of course she wanted a signed copy of my third book as well! ^_^

Bren and I also visited Sophia Drenth, who was also celebrating the release of a new novel! 1000 Nachten is her latest Bloedwetten novel, and she signed it for Bren and me!

Dutch Comic Con Report 04.jpg

Bren, Sophia and me. Sophia is holding her latest novel “1000 Nachten!”

We even got a phial of Bloedpulver tea with our purchase, created by Wortel & Cruydt. We’ll be enjoying a cup of that tea when we read the novel for sure!

At the end of the first day we had sold quite some books and I was happy that I could finally say that my trilogy is now officially complete! It finally felt real now that I was holding the novel in my hands. And it’s thick! 482 pages!

Sunday, March 24th, Day Two of Dutch Comic Con

Bren and I were thankful that we didn’t have to set our alarm as early on Sunday, but still way too early for a Sunday. 😛 This day the Celtica Publishing stand was manned by Rianne Lampers, Esther Wagenaar, Bren and me 🙂

Dutch Comic Con Report 20.jpg


Esther bought my third novel as well and I agreed to proofread her second novel in her series Terra 7. I was very enthusiastic about her first novel Het Groene Kristal and can’t wait to find out how the story continues!

One of the nicest things that happened today was a visit from my editor Caroline Mackie! I think she swallowed an entire pack of batteries before she came over, because she was hyper and super excited to see us! ^_^

Dutch Comic Con Report 09.jpg

Caroline and I! As you can see she’s very happy holding her first edited published book! Her work on the book is magnificent and lifted the story to a new height in quality!

Ingrid Soels, one of Bren’s best friends also came over to visit and pick up my latest novel. I hope she’ll enjoy it too!

Dutch Comic Con Report 10.jpg

Ingrid & Bren

I love swapping books with my fellow writers and Amanda Collins just happened to be one of those I had made such an agreement with a long time ago! We finally swapped books on Sunday! We swapped debuts! 🙂

Dutch Comic Con Report 11.jpg

Amanda and me, swapping books 🙂

Of course my trilogy would never have seen the light of day without the support of Rianne Lampers, my publisher and owner of Celtica Publishing! Once things were getting a bit less crowded we finally had some time to take a proper picture together!

Dutch Comic Con Report 19.jpg

Rianne and me at the stand with my books ^_^

When the clock hit 18:00 it was time to close the shop and move everything back to Rianne’s car. Bren and I were pretty much broken once we made it back to the car, so we decided not to cook dinner and just head for McDonald’s for some grub to end our lovely weekend at Dutch Comic Con.

Dutch Comic Con Report 12.jpg

Big Macs! ^_^

It’s quite impossible to stay at Dutch Comic Con and not buy anything. So we ended up with a lot of goodies and books, of course. 😉 Here’s our haul of the weekend!

Dutch Comic Con Report 13.jpg

Our haul of this weekend! ^_^ Lots of new books, bookish candles, Star Wars merch and more Disney merch (steel figures of Belle, Maleficent (in Dragon form!) and Sleeping Beauty).

I hope you enjoyed our report of Dutch Comic Con as much as we enjoyed sharing all of these pictures and the stories that go with them!

Happy reading!

-Bren & Jeffrey



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  1. Jeffrey, A standout review of the two days of Dutch Comic Con for you & Bren! You two were more than busy from early morning until night! Love seeing you & Rianne Lampers, Celtica Publisher & Owner, together! The solitary event of the unveiling/release of your third novel, “The Xoron Redemption,” the final part of “The Shaedon Resurgence” trilogy, was the center of it all for you, naturally! I was also impressed how your writing experiences & this publishing event are so much about people, your readers & fellow authors, that enrich your life. I have come to realize in my autumn years that life is all about people. The more people we embrace, the richer our lives. While some people are difficult, I try to minimize their shortcomings or avoid these few. Here at Dutch Comic Con you have enriched your life with people. May books & people fill your years to come! Congratulations to the author & his new baby!!! Phil


    • Thank you so much Philip for your kind and warm words. As always your comment left a smile on my face. You’re right that life is all about people and sharing experiences. I’m glad this is something I’ve learned earlier on. People can truly enrich your life, but books can do so equally! 🙂 I hope you can manage to get your hands on a copy of my third novel soon! Let me know if you run into any trouble! -Jeffrey

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jeffrey, Books & People enrich our lives! Yes, I want to get a copy of your latest book. The issue is practical priorities like today….taking out the front rail of the old house so that when the movers carry out the old upright piano they can GET IT OUT the front door!!! –And other priorities with moving day 2 1/2 weeks away! I HAVE clicked on the link Patty provided to explore purchasing but it was all in Euros. I need time to check out my old emails & how I purchased last time through Rianne Lampers…..unless it’s available on Amazon. I have to check. Thanks! Phil


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