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The Halfway Mark

2019 has been an interesting year so far, to say the least. The word interesting might sound a little insipid, but I use it only because there’s been both positive and negative things going on. Such is life. I won’t focus on the negative in this article, because […]

The Internet Discussion Impasse

When the internet was without Facebook and other social media platforms, I used to be a member of various online forums and frequently visited various chatrooms. Back then terms like internet trolls and clickbait weren’t invented yet, but still there were tons of trolls out there and I […]

Report: Dutch Comic Con

Last weekend was Dutch Comic Con at the Jaarbeurshallen in Utrecht. We were there with Celtica Publishing to celebrate the release of my third novel The Xoron Redemption, which is also the final part of The Shaedon Resurgence trilogy. Of course we didn’t leave without picking up some goodies […]