The dust may have settled, but not for long…

It’s been just over a week since the blog tour for my scifi series “The Shaedon Resurgence” was completed. I’m really happy about the results with awesome reviews from all the participants. It’s so good to see that the last part “The Xoron Redemption” is being received well by my readers. Overall on Goodreads the score is now 4.5 stars! And I’ve also sent copies abroad! There’s not a great feeling as a writer to have people ask you when they can finally expect your latest novel and then hearing their thoughts about it afterwards. Even if they have comments, or didn’t like the ending, perhaps. 😉

The Xoron Redemption Giveaway!

To celebrate the end of the blog tour I’ll be giving away some copies of the Xoron Redemption. Keep an eye out on my Facebook account for more info! 🙂

Upcoming events

Dutch Comic Con was the start of the new festival season and I’ll be attending several upcoming festivals as a writer and I really hope to meet you all there! So far I have two confirmed and am awaiting word of some others!

Fable & Fantasy, Emmen, NL, Saturday 22nd of June 2019 (10:00-23:00)

banner fable fantasy

This festival is relatively new, but I’m looking forward to it already! I’m hoping to see a lot of my friends from the east side of the Netherlands there! More info can be found on their website.

Castlefest, Lisse, NL, Saturday 3rd of August and Sunday 4th of August


Castlefest is one of the biggest fantasy festivals of the Netherlands with the best atmosphere of them all, if you ask me. You can find Celtica Publishing there as well, just like every other year! More info on their website!


My next novel

As the title of this article suggests, I’m not going to let the dust settle. I’ve been cooking up new ideas for my upcoming novel, which is going to be a standalone fantasy/comedy story about a failed gnome mage named Fudgewhizzle. I haven’t settled on the language for this book yet. I was planning on writing in Dutch for a change, but I might go for English again, or maybe both, since this is going to be just one book and not a series, although I have more plans with this fantasy world, of course! 😉

I have a fair idea of which direction the story needs to go, but since I’m a plotter, I definitely need to finetune everything. At the end of June I’m hoping to have the plot on paper, so I can focus on the actual writing of the story. Currently I’m in the “Research” phase, which means I’m going to watch The Big Lebowski and several other Coen Brothers movies, and read a couple of books with plenty of humour in them, just to see what makes those books and movies so fun!

If you liked the sarcastic characters in The Shaedon Resurgence you can expect plenty of that in my next novel, that’s for sure!

I hope you enjoyed my update and look forward to meeting you at one of the festivals!

Happy reading!


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  1. Jeffrey! Great times for you & “The Shaedon Resurgence” with “The Xoron Redemption” now out at festival activities coming up & your new plans for your next book! Sharing your thoughts about “a standalone fantasy/comedy story about a failed gnome mage named Fudgewhizzle” is like being let in on an author’s secret thoughts!!! “Goodreads”!!!! Drives me nuts!!! I have spent much time on several occasions, as I just did, searching & searching for Bren’s review on Goodreads & the reviews of others on Book III. Goodreads is NOT user friendly on that score of reviews OR perhaps the reviews do not appear on Goodreads at all!!! How Goodreads can post a 4.5 star average rating & not post reviews seems strange. Ah, Goodreads must mean reader “ratings” by the word “reviews” & I am taking that to mean there are written reviews of your book. And yet I posted reviews of your Book I & II on Goodreads myself in the past!!! Frustrated! If you have any navigating suggestions on Goodreads, let me know. It just seems that if Goodreads says Bren has reviewed Book II, it should be an easy, “no brainer” click to her review! Straighten the old man me out! Thanks! And a great post on what’s going on in your literary world here! Phil


    • Goodreads is a bit notorious for being unfriendly towards its users, but it’s still the best platform for booklovers to review their books and find suggestions for new reading material. I always use Goodreads on my laptop, because somehow it works better in a browser than the app on mobile phones. For instance, adding a book if it is not on Goodreads yet is quite a hassle too, or editing a review after I simply posted only a rating and a “Review will follow soon” message. I’m hoping they’re still working on improvements to make the system more intuitive, because it does feel a bit contrived sometimes.

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