Monday Musings, Week 44, 2022

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve been able to write a blog. The main reason was that Bren and I had the bad luck of getting COVID and we’ve been out of the running for the better part of two weeks. This week I’ve finally been able to pick up where I left of and yesterday was my first day in the gym after two weeks! I did already start my office job on Wednesday last week. In the meantime I’ve been helping Bren prepare for our first market with the Green Dream Shop.

Monday Musings #44

Dealing with COVID

During the weekend two weeks ago Bren suddenly didn’t feel so good and after doing a self test, she tested positive for COVID. There was a big chance that I would have it too, since we live together, of course, but I tested negative on that same day. Just as a precaution we tried to keep our distance and I slept on our couch for the night, but the next morning when I tested again, my test came out positive as well. I didn’t really feel much, though, so I decided to just work from home.

A lot changed during that first night. I had a fever and was a bit short of breath. All in all Bren and I experienced COVID as a flu with some added after effects, like shortness of breath in my case, due to my asthma and tiredness. Things have gradually been getting better, but we’re both really glad that we had our three vaccinations. I don’t want to know how bad things would’ve turned out to be if we hadn’t been. Spending a week in isolation is no fun. After the first few days you really start yearning to just go outside for a little bit, but we managed to get through it without much trouble! And since yesterday I can finally say that the shortness of breath has finally started to get a lot better too!

Doing our first market with The Green Dream Shop

My writing has been on the back burner for a bit, but I’m certain that will change soon. Bren has been extremely busy preparing for our first market with the Green Dream Shop and I’ve been trying to assist her as much as possible, whenever I can. Last Saturday was a moment we had been living towards for the past half year or so. Our first market with our shop! It’s safe to say that it was a big success, and a confirmation that Bren’s hard work and energy she put into developing her idea for The Green Dream Shop has paid off. We were both so psyched about how the market went. We met with a lot of lovely people and our close friends and family visited to support us. It was a big moment for us and it felt so great to see all these people coming to show their support!

ABM & Friends Market

Picking up where I left off

Now that we’re back from the market, it’s high time that I pick up some of my personal projects as well. I’ve been having lots of ideas for more Stoic Shorts posts, as well as other blogs about writing and the projects I’m working on. Besides writing for my own blog, Bren and I intend to pick up blogging on The Green Dream Blog too, which is something we didn’t really have much energy or time for, but is something we really want to start working on.

Today is Samhain and Bren and I are celebrating that later tonight. It’s actually the Pagan new year and an important celebration to observe. We’ll be doing a ritual later tonight to signify that we’re nearing the darkest day and revere the dead, as it is said that during this period of the year the barrier between our world and the Otherworld can be more easily broken.

Blessed Samhain and have a great week!


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  1. Jeffrey & Bren too, Welcome back to the blogging world!!! Your both had quite a bout of COVID & related aftermath for you. Glad you are both well again! Great photo of that first Green Dream Shop! Congratulations especially to Bren & you too with all your assistance. Best wishes with The Green Dream Blog ! And best to you getting back to your personal projects! You & Bren enjoy celebrating Samhain!!! Phil

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    • Hey Phil! Yes, we are back up on our feet again and really excited about how everything turned out on our first market. Now it’s time to make a bit of a sprint as we are headed towards the end of the year and focus on making big plans for 2023! 🙂

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