Stoic Shorts #4

Stoic Quotes #4

“Let us enjoy our friends avidly, for how long this blessing will fall to our lot is uncertain.”

When most people think about Stoic philosophers, they might not immediately think about the fact that they too had a group of friends. Friendship is invaluable and is perhaps one of the greatest goods we have in our lives. I cannot imagine my life without the friends I have, and I prefer quality of quantity. Surely, we will have friends that will be part of our lives during a certain period of our lives. Just think back to how many of your childhood friends are still around now. There is, however, an opportunity to have a friend, or even friends for life. It’s those people who we should foster and cherish. It’s the people you share an interdependent relationship with; who will cheer on you, help you grow, but who will also be dead honest with you, no matter what. We should enjoy these friendships, because they are a true blessing in this life. One we cannot take for granted, because we have no way of telling how long we will be able to enjoy true friendship.

Have a good one!



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  1. Jeffrey, A wonderful Stoic Short on “Friendship” by Seneca! And your words elaborating are so worthwhile with all you said. My oldest friendship is 73 years since we were three years old together. AND, I just had dinner with him last night with his wife & my wife Geri!!!!!!!! –Well done, my friend! Phil

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