It’s Been A While

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I blogged and I even received some very heartfelt messages from some of my regular readers to ask if I’m doing okay. Things have been extremely hectic here and that’s why I couldn’t find the time to sit down and write a blog and why I’m writing one now to tell you all what’s been going on in our lives.

We’re moving on

I think it’s safe to say that we are moving on in both the literal and figurative manner. Bren and I have found ourselves a new apartment, which means we can finally move away from this place. It’s sad because we really like our apartment here, but our landlord is driving up the costs to a point where it’s no longer feasible to stay here. Besides that there are plenty of other issues we have with them, but I’ll focus on the positive in this post. Our new apartment is inside an old school building and it’s a roomy apartment. There’s so many upsides to this apartment and the biggest is probably that it’s roomier than the one we’ve got now at less rent. Besides that it’s also way more eco-friendly than the one we have now and that has always been very important to Bren and me.

This Friday we’re getting the keys to our new apartment and it’ll be time to prepare the place and then start moving our stuff. I can’t wait until we’re actually living there!

Our furry family

As you may know Bren and I have four furry kids and to us they are part of our little family. They’re also getting older, the youngest one being Medusa, our Maine Coon who’s 10 now. We recently found a couple of tumours on Bobbie and after closer examination the vet suggested that we had them surgically removed after we had some X-rays taken. Thankfully there was no sign of spreading to the lungs and last Friday she had the surgery and she is recovering from it well, but all the waiting, testing and then getting the results are so stressful.


On top of that Storm, our little red menace is also ill and we know he won’t get better any more. Last Sunday he was acting so strangely and he kept going to the litter box and nothing seemed to happen. We really thought he had hit the end of the line, but yesterday when we went to the vet, after some discussion we decided to try and give him some medicine for what seems to be a bladder problem. We’re not sure that will fix the problem, but it’s just about the last thing we can try for our dear Stormie. Quality of life is what we value most and we always act accordingly, so let’s hope he can stay with us a while longer. As long as he’s his cheery, crazy self, then it’s fine. 🙂


That’s not all

Besides all of the moving out and into a new place, and having had quite the worries about our cats’ wellbeing, my father had a mild infarct not too long ago and that has been taking up some much needed time as well to help him. Thankfully, he’s been doing quite fine after his surgery, so I’m grateful he had it. It’s just that there’s always so much paperwork and administration that needs to take place after such an event.

And then of course, we both got our jobs too. So you can imagine how stressful the past month has been. We’re still not out of the clear, but at least our outlook is a lot more positive now than it has been, so we’re slowly getting back to our feet. The fact that I found some time to write a blog shows that 😉

As we’re moving soon, I don’t know if or when I can write a new blog. But I’ll try to keep you all posted on our progress and hopefully come August we can finally get back to moving forward. Me writing my new novel and Bren with setting up her shop. These are some truly hectic times, but we will make it through, one way or another!

One of my ways to be able to cope with so much stress has and always will be meditation. I even did sleep meditation to help me fall asleep during these stressful times and I just can’t recommend it enough. It doesn’t take away the stress by itself, but it helps alleviate it at least a bit.

Hope to write again soon! Have a good one!


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  1. Jeffrey & Bren too, I read with great interest about your new spacious apartment to come! Get those keys!!! And your cats have certainly called for your attention especially with Bobbie’s tumor surgery & Stormie’s bladder problem with a med as his last hope. So glad your Dad is doing well after surgery for his heart problem. Best wishes for your hopes for August to get back to writing your new novel & Bren setting up her shop!!! Sleep meditation sounds good! Nice you were able to blog. Until next time….Phil

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