Monday Musings, Week 32, 2022

Hello everyone! After weeks of being extremely busy moving places, the dust is finally beginning to settle and we’ve moved into our new home and closed the door behind us in the old apartment. I had a week off from work last week to be able to focus 100% on moving. A lot of my time was consumed making sure our old apartment was empty and clean. At the same time we had to settle into our new place. The past two months are a big blur and every day was just getting up, working, packing, moving and sleeping on repeat. But I’m glad we’ve moved and our new place already feels more like home than the one we’ve left behind.

Rest, reflection and refocusing

I haven’t really had the time to do a halfway mark review of my annual goals, but suffice to say I wasn’t prepared for the fact that we’d be moving this year! Looking back I do feel that we’ve really learned a good deal of things from moving again and one thing I came to realize was how much I seemed to be incapable of applying most of my Stoic philosophy when under great stress. This is something I’m going to be reflecting on in this coming period.

Monday Musings #32

Soon, I’ll be refocusing my efforts on finally moving forward again with my writing and blogging. Moving is always a very impactful and time consuming activity and while I need a bit of rest to get settled down, I am very anxious to start working on my scifi story again. My new writing spot in our new home will hopefully become a wonderful little corner that will spark my imagination. I already like the spot, but I’m in dire need of a new (or rather old) desk and I want to add some planks so I can showcase some of my LEGO Star Wars sets too.

More later this week!

I plan to pick up my blogging again this week, as you can see from this post. I’m not sure what the next article will be about, but it’ll probably involve some reflection. Reflection is something I’m due for after such a stressful period and especially looking forward to what I’ll be focussing my energy upon in the last part of this year will be key to making this year a success from a personal perspective. A lot of my annual goals won’t be met this year, but we’ve gained a lot for it in return and when it comes to writing, you should never set your deadlines too harshly, if you don’t want to hamper your creative process.

I hope you’ll guys will be joining me on my journey of self-reflection and moving forward once again!

Happy Monday!


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  1. Jeffrey & Bren, I knew you would be resurfacing soon! Yes, packing & moving are monumental tasks! And cleaning out the old place is a drag!!! Stoic philosophy goes out the window, as you said, when there are things that must be done fast. Perhaps your future reflections will find a way to do so. In the meantime, it sounds good for you to refocus on writing , blogging, & writing those scifi novels eventually. So get more rest & then reflect & looking forward to you moving forward once again! Welcome back! Phil

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    • Hi Phil, thank you for your heartfelt reply! Writing this blog gave me a lot of energy, so I feel that I’ll probably pick up where I left sooner, rather than later. Don’t worry, I’ll take my rest as well 😉

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