What Moving Has Taught Me

Moving from one home to another can be quite a stressful event. For the past two months Bren and I have been extremely busy and only after the previous Saturday we were really done with the old place. We had already moved into our new home in Hilversum three weeks ago. I took three weeks off from work, hoping that we’d have the final week to ourselves, so we could actually enjoy our new home and maybe take care of some little things we didn’t have time for. I was wrong about so much things and that’s what this blog is all about. My insights from moving to our new home and what this whole ordeal has taught me. I’ll start with the lesser things and end with the biggest realisations.
What moving has taught me
  1. There’s always something you’re forgetting
No matter how well prepared I tried to be before we moved, by making my famous To-Do Lists and trying to come up with everything that needed to be done, I just kept adding things to the list as the days went on. Bren would remind me that we’d still have to take care of X, or Y and that we definitely shouldn’t forget about Z. It was a lot. From notifying our change of address to multiple companies, to taking care of a new home insurance, to making sure we got internet at our new place and renting a van to move all of the big stuff. Things just kept piling up and we would always manage to forget at least a few things. But as soon as we did think of anything to add to the list, on it went and we tried to systematically work on the list until everything was done.
  1. Things always take up more time than you anticipated
As I said before, I took off three weeks from my office job, hoping that we’d manage to get everything done in two weeks, so that I could spend one more week enjoying our brand new home. I was wrong and we ended up with only the last Sunday being a day off. Up till then we took care of business regardless of whether it was weekend or not. And even now I’m still doing smaller tasks during the evening hours, like hanging a new lamp, going through some junk in the basement that we didn’t have time to sift through before we moved out. But the most time was invested in making sure that the old place was delivered properly. We tried our best doing just that, but I’m still not sure if we did everything all right. I guess we’ll hear next week, when they’re going to inspect it. I’m just hoping that the old place won’t come back to haunt us and we still end up needing to fix things there. Also, I don’t think I’ve done so much manual labour since forever.
  1. You have way more stuff than you think you do

Bren said it to me many times before we actually moved that the new apartment wasn’t going to be as big as the old one and that we were going to run out of space to put stuff, fast. In my defence, it was only 10 square metres less, but in actuality, that is quite a big amount of storage room. We had to get rid of a lot of our old furniture and stuff. Everything that we thought could still be sold we tried to sell first, everything that could still be of use to someone went to our local thrift shop and everything that was no longer of use to anyone we brought to our local dump for recycling. And now that we’ve moved, there’s still so much we need to sift through in the basement that I want to try to sell first. I was quite astounded at the amount of LEGO I collected over the years and there are a lof of unbuilt, boxed sets that I can put up for sale and even make some profit off. I also have a lot of Nintendo collectibles that I might sell a couple of. And a whole slew of old games that I want to get rid of. It’s just amazing to see how much comes out of your closets once you take the time to really sift through it all!

  1. We don’t need much to be happy

This is definitely not a realisation that I only just had when we moved, but just something that was confirmed because of it. We’re so often led to believe that if we just buy this, or that, that our lives will be complete. It’s sad that the opposite is true and although I am a collector by heart, I know that buying stuff won’t magically make me the happiest person alive. Happiness comes from another place than stuff and living smaller will only make us appreciate what we have that much more, I think. That’s also why I’m going to put so much stuff up for sale, because it no longer makes me happy. A lot of it has just been sitting in the basement for years and seeing it again only made me go “Oh, wow, I still have that old junk!”, but would I miss owning it? I don’t think so.

  1. Home is where I am with you

When we started looking for a new place and finally ended up being able to rent our new home in Hilversum Bren asked me one question repeatedly: “Are you sure you want to leave Uithoorn and live in Hilversum?” Of course, I’ll miss my beloved town and who knows, in the future we might move back sometime? But I was so set on finally leaving the old apartment and living somewhere else, that it just didn’t matter. Hilversum is a great town, with lots of beautiful nature and they offer a much wider amount of facilities than my old home town does. We can get everywhere by bike and that means less carbon emissions, because our car won’t be used.

Home is where I am with you

What was really good to see was how fast our cats settled here too. It only took them a couple of days, but they seemed very okay with living here and that’s what made me realise that they too have that same sentiment that I carry around with me. Home isn’t a set place, it is where I am with Bren and the kitties. It doesn’t matter where we live, what matter is that we have each other. I can only hope that other people will feel the same way I do about their homes and loved ones, because that is what true happiness is all about.

Happy living!


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  1. Jeffrey & Bren, You detail it all….the human experience of moving & all that it entails!!! –You did a good job from all you outline here! It never ends thinking of something else you forgot!!! Your great sketch & words say it all that, “Home is where I am with you.” Enjoy Hilversum!!! Phil

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