Monday Musings, Week 29, 2021

Hello there everyone! After a short hiatus I’m back to bore you with all my musings and thoughts! 😉 We’ve finally finished moving out of the old apartment and into the new one in Hilversum. The whole ordeal has taken up over six weeks in total. Last Saturday I finally finished cleaning the old apartment and leaving it as nice as we possibly could for the new tenants. It felt as if a big chapter of my life closed when I finally locked the door. Later this week I’ll share some of the insights I got from moving!

Life starts anew in Hilversum

So, we finally moved into our new apartment and it’s already been two weeks since we spent our first night here. It’s just been so busy taking care of this project, but Bren and I really showed just how good a team we are. We didn’t always agree on everything regarding the new home, but with some compromise here and there it’s turning out to become our home, instead of my apartment where I asked Bren to move in, which also turned into something we both enjoyed, but still felt as if it was mostly my place, still.

Monday Musings (29)

Moving troubles

Of course, moving is never without trouble, and we did have our fair share of unforeseen problems. Damaged furniture and property and delivery trouble with new furniture and our new bikes we ordered online. We ordered a bar and stools, because we thought that would be cool as a dinner spot, or if we have guests. So far we have received the stools, but we’re still waiting on the bar to arrive. It’s been two weeks, so we’re really disappointed about that.

Then there’s the issue with the bikes, which we also ordered online. Biggest mistake ever. If I could give my old self advice about buying a new bike, it would be to go to a bike store and get one there, instead of ordering them online. We ordered two really cool bikes, but upon arrival we had to assemble them from scratch, pretty much and there were no instructions. Now, we’re not complete idiots, but assembling a bike without instructions is really tricky, especially if you’re not a bike mechanic yourself. After making a phone call we got some links to instructions and videos, but not specifically for the bikes we ordered, which meant that we still had to figure out a lot ourselves. To add even more insult to injury one of the bikes (the one for me) is damaged and needs to be taken to a bike shop in order to get in a state that it actually functions. We called the bike store and they asked us to come to one of their stores, but we don’t have transportation to go there, so I offered that we just got it fixed and I’d send them the bill. They kindly declined, after which I asked if we could just swap the bike for a new one then. They refused again, saying they don’t do that. So now I’m still stuck with a bike that won’t ride and we’ll have to make extra costs if we want to get it fixed. My disappointment is big with this company and we are thinking about taking legal steps. If you order something online, it needs to be 100% as advertised, or your money back, right?

Getting back to work

Today was my first day back at work and it feels as if life is getting back to normal, slowly, but steadily. I may be in a different room, doing my work, but the work hasn’t changed and neither has my other work; writing blogs and books. So, as we’re slowly getting back into the saddle again, I’m certain I’ll have much more to share with you later this week. I intend to write a ton of content here about various subjects. The first one being an idea I had about all the insights I got when we moved here, mainly about how my life has changed in these past ten years and just seeing how much stuff I collected and whether or not it made me happy to see it again after all the time a lof of it spent in the basement. I’m also replaying some older video games, which I’m thinking about writing some more in depth reviews for. Or just share some fun insights into video game design. Enough ideas, and hopefully, enough time to work out all of these ideas too 😉 I’m also going through the feedback I received for my book “Stempels”. I’ve been having a lot of doubts about the story lately, but maybe that’s just normal when you’re a writer and critical of your own work. We are, after all our own worst critics (if we allow it).

Hope you peeps will all have a great week!


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  1. Jeffrey & Bren, Well done having the move behind you!!! Never easy moving, always with problems. The bike situation was totally unnecessary. Good luck on that. And you sound like you are getting back in the saddle again as you said. Best wishes all around. Phil

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