Decluttering, part 3

I just realised that I hadn’t posted anything today, yet. That’s due to the fact that I only just quit clearing out the last room of all the junk. This was a big project for Bren and me, because this last room was the one we refer to as “the cat room”, but in reality it’s our equivalent of the attic. We basically just dump stuff there we don’t really know where to put and before you know it, it just accumulates and transforms into an enormous heap of shit you don’t need, but thought you should keep. That and a lot of old stuff.


We eventually ended up filling to big shopper bags that can go to the thrift shop. A whole bunch of stuff we’ll be putting up for sale first and if it doesn’t sell, it’ll get a home through the thrift shop, probably. There was some stuff we did keep of course, but all of that has been sorted and neatly placed together. All we really need in that room is some shelves to put stuff, so we’re going to buy ourselves some shelving units, similar to the one we have in the kitchen, probably. That should really help to make the room look neat. 🙂

For now, though, it’s time to relax for a little bit, enjoy a little midnight snack and do some reading before heading off to bed!

Have a nice weekend all!


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