Monday Musings #11: Life Finds A Way

We’re at the start of April and life is, well, different now. I’ve been at home for a month now, following the build-up to my burn-out. I’ve never felt this restless before and forcing myself to write something for my blog was something I knew I just had to stop. There’s only so much you can come up with before your writing starts to feel stale and I’d rather go for quality over quantity anyway.

The restlessness isn’t quite over yet, but I have had some counselling and am slowly working towards recovering from this very nasty thing. The weird thing is that I’ve always thought that I would see it coming and thus be able to guard myself against it by just taking a break from certain responsibilities. But the real problem is that a burn-out isn’t created by just yourself, it’s something that builds up and multiple people are involved in creating it for you. I wish I had seen it coming, but I can’t do anything else but accept that it is what it is. The main thing is that I have learned a lot from this experience so far and I’m certain that I will continue doing so, because I know what caused it and now I can do something about that.

Life finds a way

So slowly I’m starting to make sure that I get back some routine in my life, because that’s one of the most important things right now. I’ve been exercising again and that feels really good, because it’s something I can see the results from immediately, plus I feel great afterwards when I hit the shower 🙂 I’ve also got so many ideas running through my head for my novel that I’m anxious to continue working on. But everything will go at its own pace. For now my recovery is most important and I will do what I feel like doing, to rest and relax. What better time than one where you’re already forced to be home? 😉

Have a nice week all!


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  1. Jeffrey, A healthy progress report from restlessness letting up as you go along to doing what you feel like & resting & relaxing! That exercise is great!!! –You will be fine because you really ARE fine already!!! It’s right there….not deep down but at the surface!!! You will blossom soon. Phil

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