FAQ #7: Friday Asks Questions

Here we are with the seventh edition of Friday Asks Questions! Today is a hard one, I think, but still, I’ll answer to the best of my ability 😉

Friday Asks Questions

Everyone has flaws and they make us unique, just like our qualities and talents. What are your flaws?

I have several flaws and I believe knowing them and acknowledging them is always a good thing. One of my biggest flaws, that also caused my burn-out, is that I want to please everyone and don’t want to disappoint people. The problem with having that flaw is that you try to keep up so much contacts and try to make ends meet, but you rarely take some time for yourself and eventually, that will cause you great stress.

Another big flaw that I have is that I put the pro in procrastination. I’m really good at delaying stuff till the last moment before I start doing them. That’s why I try to make To-Do lists every day, so that I know what I have to work on. I also don’t allow myself to go on the web during my writing sessions, unless I have to look up something specific to my writing, such as the dictionary, thesaurus, or for research purposes. If I don’t I’ll end up spending too much time on social media and laughing at stupid memes.

So, what are your flaws? Please let me know in the comments section! 🙂

Happy weekend!


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  1. Jeffrey, A very objective, honest self-appraisal on your part re personal flaws; trying to please others & procrastinating. For myself, I too would say trying to please too many people & working too hard at everything all my lifetime. –Another excellent & tough question this Friday! Stay healthy, you two!!! SHELTER!!! WE are OK! Phil

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