To Make a Mark…

I’m pretty excited, because this week I finished the first chapter of my new novel, which I’ve currently titled “Stempels”, which is Dutch for “Stamps” (the ones you use with ink) but that’s just a working title. I don’t yet know what the real title will be. That’ll be something I’ll consider later.

What I really like about having a clean canvass is that you can write what comes to mind, without having to worry too much about established characters. Everything is new, including the type of story I’m writing now. It’s no scifi, but it is a story with some magical realism elements. But overall it’s supposed to be a philosophical work about life, the Human condition and why we all seem to have a need to leave a mark on this planet.

In the first chapter I’ve introduced the protagonist, who is introduced in the first person. And just one other character, simply called Rose, for now. 🙂 She’s a girl that he sees standing on the square every so often, where he lives. One day he decides to walk up to her and ask her why she’s always waiting for someone to approach her, after which she isn’t seen for some time before she returns. She’s not your average girl either. She has a Gothic look, and yet, she’s very cheerful, but also a bit odd. I really can’t wait to continue writing and I’m sure I will have more information to share with you guys soon™!

Happy writing!


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  1. Jeffrey, “Stempels”…working title….A new beginning with every novel!!! –Exciting & sounds like a good start to characters & storyline. Like the first & last day of school I always found so exciting! It’s the hard work in-between, teaching those 180 days of school, & you writing every page, every word! Best wishes as your latest boat sets sail! Phil


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