It’s a brand new year and that means a set of new goals for this year! Every first week of January I sit down to reflect on my goals of the previous year and then have a look at what I wish to achieve this year. These are all personal goals, most of them regarding my writing, but also about growing as a person, or rather, the reverse in the literal sense 😉

So, what are my goals this year? Let’s have a look!

Every year I set 10 goals. That might seem like a lot, but there’s rarely been a year that I’ve not managed to achieve them. It’s all about making sure you set manageable goals for yourself. More on that in one of my older blogs!

Without further ado, here are my goals, each with a short description of why I want to achieve this and by what time in the year. Continuous goals are set for December, of course. 🙂


All my notebooks and agendas for this year! 🙂

01. Check what kind of mortgage we can get, by February 2020
Bren and I are thinking about buying a house and with my car loan out of the way, we’re both curious how much money we can get for a mortgage. Preferably we’d like to buy something nice in the town of Uithoorn, where we live, but before we can start looking for a new house, we need to know in what price range we can start searching. I don’t necessarily need to live big, but we do know that we want to have a yard, a bathroom with an actual bath and some other demands. I’m excited to find out what we can get!
02. Finish “The Great Fudgewhizzle” manuscript, by June 2020
I’m 13 chapters into the story and I think 20 is what the story will need to get a decent finish. I don’t want to give myself too much stress, so my goal is to finish this manuscript before June. Preferably well before that time, of course. I just have to be honest with myself that things tend to get busier than I anticipate and this way I know I’ll make it for sure.
03. Read 25 books, by December 2020
Last year I read 27 books. I think it’s safe to say that I can manage an average of two books per month, but I have been reading more and more lately, so who knows! I just really love reading, especially non-fiction!
04. Write daily blogs on JeffreyDebris.com, by December 2020
Like I mentioned earlier, I want to change the way I handle my blog. It’s supposed to be a blog, so I just need to write more and really put some effort into it. Not all of them will be long, but I usually can think of some stuff I’d love to write down and I like sharing my thoughts with others, so this will be one big challenge for me! But, so far, so good 😉
05. Work on my novella and finish it somewhere this year, by December 2020
I’ve secretly been writing the story of how Bren and I met and it’s become some sort of journal, based on real life events. Of course some probably won’t be entirely the same as how they really went, but it’ll be very close to it. It’ll be all about how we ended up together, our love, our shared passion for books, and what it’s like living with bipolar disorder. It’s a heavy subject, but I really feel that I need to write it all down. If not for anyone else, then mainly for myself.

My Star Wars 2020 diary is used for my daily To-Do lists 🙂

06. Write a daily amount of 500 words for my projects, by December 2020
So, I’m working on several project at the same time now, so in order to ensure that I manage to keep up the pace, I want to write 500 words daily. So far, it’s been good. I also intend to bring back my steady writing moments during the week; Wednesday evening and Sundays.
07. Get in better shape (Lose weight (~10 Kg) and improve my stamina), by December 2020
This one just keeps chasing me every year. Bren has promised to help me lose weight and we’ve already taken some steps. I am not obese in any manner, but I could really stand to lose about 10 Kg of weight. It would really help me improve my physical health and reduce and asthma related problems. Since I’m not just doing this for myself now, I think it’ll be easier. We have a crosstrainer and rowing machine in our home and I recently bought Ring Fit Adventure (review pending… 😉 ) so we have the means!
08. Increase my followers on Facebook and Instagram by at least 100, by December 2020
100 might not seem like a lot, but I’ve always found it’s hard to increase followers on Instagram. Facebook seems a bit more stable, but it’s not easy getting new followers. I do have some ideas on how to achieve this, but we’ll see how it goes! Perhaps a couple of give-aways and maybe another promo or two will help 🙂
09. Post daily on Instagram and Facebook, by December 2020
Since I’ll be posting on my blog daily, it’ll be easy to just post a link to the article on my social media accounts. Besides that I’ll probably have some more nice pictures to share of our cats, video games, books, LEGO and my writing, of course. So I think this one will be fairly easy.
10. Keep my journal all year long, by December 2020
I journalled a LOT last year, but there was a bit of a dip in my writing for a moment. I don’t intend to repeat that this year. I have my 6 minute diary, which I have been keeping very faithfully and I intend to do a whole lot more daily writing this year. It’s a good way to reflect upon the day, or to start the day in a more meaningful manner.

Just remember this… ;P

Keeping up
That will be the hardest part, of course, but I do intend to let Bren be the one I need to report to and see if I am keeping up with my goals for this year. So, what do you think? Seems doable, right? 🙂
Do you have any goals for this year? Please let me know in the comments!
Happy achieving!

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  1. Jeffrey, Your 2020 goals are more than commendable. I fear for you that they are so ambitious, but you are young! Best wishes on shooting high….the good part being if you miss the mark, you have still achieved a great deal!!! On seeing how much of a mortgage you qualify for, also be careful on the house price & mortgage payments per month. There are so many other expenses to figure in as you know from property taxes to utilities & repairs & replacements. A simple thing like replacing a furnace or the roof would be expensive. And then there is the periodic purchase of an automobile. You know the ropes as we say, just be careful & figure into it all you & Bren can think of in terms of expenses. Geri & I always say it is simple; 1+1=2 & either the money is there or not. Don’t buy now & can’t pay later!!! Again, best wishes to you & Bren, your secret weapon to keep you on target!!! Phil


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