Character Introduction: Biggle Fudgewhizzle

As I’m working on my latest story “The Great Fudgewhizzle” I will introduce several key characters in the upcoming months! Today it’s time to introduce you all to the story’s protagonist, the antihero: Biggle Fudgewhizzle! Some of you might have even seen that surname before 😉 Now it’s finally time to give him the story he deserves!

Biggle Fudgewhizzle

A sketch I made of Biggle Fudgewhizzle, the antihero of my next story!

The land of Irondia has known many mighty heroes; from Brauwn the Barbarian to the mighty mage Norbit Fudgewhizzle. As it often is for children of legendary figures, it’s not easy stepping out from the shadows of their parents. Biggle Fudgewhizzle is no exception to this unwritten rule. He would love nothing more than to become more powerful than his dad, who died when he dabbled in the dark arts and accidentally summoned a mighty demon who wouldn’t let itself be controlled. It took all night for the combined might of the City Watch and Mage Guild of Swineburgh to contain and banish the demon back to where it came from. But by then it had left most of Dwarf Town in cinders, and destroyed a large portion of the Trade District. Biggle was only eleven years when that happened.

Skip to twenty-five years later. Biggle Fudgewhizzle is still living in the basement of his mom’s small home in Dwarf Town. He is unemployed, spends most of his time hanging around the local watering hole, and still dreams of becoming a Grand Master Mage. But with zero talent in the magic department and a general lack of skill he is doomed to stay the loser that he is. Although he is still trying to decipher his father’s notes and studies the countless books on the art of Magic that his father left him, he hasn’t made any notable progress in the past decades.

After Biggle, or “Fudge” as his so called friends nicknamed him, gets drunk one night and is thrown in prison for disorderly conduct his mom decides that this is the last straw. She sends him to the Fighter’s Guild the next morning in an attempt to have something made of him. All Fudge wanted was to become a powerful mage. The Fighter’s Guild is definitely not a place where he wants to go. They take on everyone and all the rookies are always sent out to control pests in the city. But how does one go from zero to hero? Will he ever find a way, or is he doomed to keep living in his mom’s basement?

Stay tuned for more upcoming information about the new fantasy world I’m creating!

Happy reading!


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  1. Jeffrey, Biggle Fudgewhizzle in name alone. plus your imaginative profile of him here, & your GREAT cartoon sketch of him, will capture the imagination of most anyone!!!!!!!!!! You captured my funny bone for certain! Looks like quite a change of pace for your writing & creative juices!!! –Love this! Phil


    • Thank you Philip! The story is meant to become a comedy story mostly, so I’m glad this already put a smile on your face 🙂 Stay tuned for more info about Irondia and its inhabitants! 🙂

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