Book release: The Xoron Redemption

This weekend at Dutch Comic Con in Utrecht marks the release of the third and final instalment of my scifi/fantasy trilogy The Shaedon Resurgence! While the official release date of the book is March 25th, you can get early access to the book only at Dutch Comic Con!

So where can you find me?

Dutch Comic Con is big. Almost mindbogglingly big! But don’t panic, I made a handy image so you can find me easier there! You can find me at the Celtica Publishing stand (Codename: DS-J13 πŸ˜› ) I hope to see you there for a chat! πŸ™‚

DCC 2019

Early access bonus

Besides being able to get a signed copy of my third book, you can also have any other book signed. Even if I didn’t write it! I’ll happily sign any book for you. For free! How’s that for a nice deal? We’ll be giving away a little something extra to everyone who buys a copy of my book(s).

Also, there will be cake, so if you hurry, you might be able to get some! πŸ˜‰

Hope to see you all there!

Happy reading!


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  1. Jeffrey, So glad it’s about to happen for you!!! Best wishes to you & “The Xoron Redemption” unveiling at Dutch Comic Con this Saturday & Sunday, March 23 & 24!!! AND, equally excited for you with the official release date, Monday, March 25th!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s like a rocket launch is here!!! “5,4,3,2,1, takeoff!” Phil


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