Monday Musings, Week 23, 2021

Hello there everyone! June is here and we’ve been enjoying some real sunny days over the past week. Yesterday we went to Hilversum to go to the forest and the heather fields. Although the heather was not in bloom, it’s still such a beautiful piece of nature. What I love about it is that there’s so much biodiversity. A lot of different kinds of trees and if you look around you carefully you’ll see so much tiny creatures and life around you. It’s amazing.


We got our minds set on Hilversum

Bren and I have had a wish to move from our current apartment for some time now, but up til recently I was too caught up in other stuff to really look for something new. That changed last week, when we both upped our game and started doing some serious searching for a new home. Although we do want to buy a house eventually, we are looking to rent at the moment, hoping the housing market will get a little bit better, eventually.

Forest 2

Last Saturday we spent a great deal of time going through all of our stuff. We will probably end up living a bit smaller than we are now and that’s just fine, but we will definitely need to get rid of some of our underused things. The good news is that a lot of it has been sold already as well, so that money will go straight to our savings account to get some new furniture once we’ve moved. 🙂

In the meantime

In between all this business looking for a new home, I’m still trying to get some things done. The Monday Musings are here to stay, but I’m not sure how much else I can take on, but that’s okay. Once we’ll be settled somewhere else, I expect my productivity to grow and hopefully by that time Stempels will be done and I’ll be working on my next writing project!

Monday Musings (23)

I hope we can give you some good news soon about this new adventure. For me it’ll be the second time that I’ll leave my loved village of Uithoorn, but I feel that I’m ready to start somewhere new and it’s a really exciting team, seeing where we will end up together.

Hope you peeps will all have a great week!


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  1. Jeffrey & Bren too, Love the photos of forest & heather fields of Hilversum!!! Once again, best wishes with your search for an apartment in Hilversum! An apartment there will be a good start while you search for a house more slowly as time goes by. And downsizing your personal affects is an excellent idea especially to pack up & move. I had to find this week’s Monday Musings on WordPress since I did not get the usual Monday email. –No problem….It’s happened before. Be well! Phil

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