Monday Musings, Week 21, 2021

Hello there, lovely people! It’s a brand new Monday and well, it’s been a busy time! Luckily this has been a long weekend with today an extra day off from work, due to Pentecost. It’s not a holiday I observe myself, due to not being Christian, but I do enjoy the long weekend nonetheless.

Trying to get rid of “I must”…

It’s probably one of the hardest things to do, especially if you’re like Bren and me. That constant feeling that you must do things. Especially if you’re like me with my To-Do lists, it can really creep up on you every single time. Bren was having some trouble earlier this week, feeling stressed out because she had so much to do that we decided to write everything down to create some order and to check if things really would get out of the way.

Monday Musings (21)

So far, we’ve fixed a lot of things on that To-Do list and it really helps to create some piece of mind knowing that each day we’ll be able to cross off some more items of that list. Just like me, Bren is always busy with something, running her Etsy shop, keeping up with our blog The Book Dragon’s Nook and doing her share of the housekeeping (which is more than me, in all honesty). It’s amazing how she keeps going, but it’s also obvious that some change is needed and that’s exactly what we’re working on together. That level of interdependence that we have achieved now is really great.

New game

Last week I got my hands on the latest Paper Mario game; Paper Mario – The Origami King. For Nintendo Switch. I thought it would be a nice game to play when I’m done hunting monster in Monster Hunter Rise. A review of that one will follow tomorrow, in all likelihood. So far, I’ve only played a couple of hours, but I’m really liking the new Paper Mario. People tend to compare it to The Thousand Year Door, saying that was the pinnacle of Paper Mario games. Although I agree, I try to play this one not comparing it to any of the previous instalments and just enjoy the ride for what it is. A lighthearted RPG adventure.

Paper Mario

Stempels and further writing projects

My novel Stempels has been sent to the proofreaders, so I’m hoping to get their feedback somewhere in June. In the meantime I’m trying to figure out what project I want to work on next. There’s some options I have and I always love having options. There’s a story I’ve been working on about how a certain writer meets this girl. Then there’s the Kevar stories that I’ve been dying to write, another project set in the Ley Lines universe, and finally a non-fiction project. Choice can be a good thing, but I think I should start choosing soon and see if I can get a head start before I’m caught up in getting Stempels published once again.

So what are you guys up to this week? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Monday!


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  1. Jeffrey, A big Monday with you & Bren knocking things off on that To-Do List!!! Bren sounds as busy as you from all you listed! I’ll be interested in what you have to say about the latest Paper Mario game; Paper Mario – The Origami King. My oldest grandson James just loves Super Mario!!! And “Stempels” now off to the proofers!!! –Next stop after any revisions, the publishers! You have so many writing options/ideas!!! I tend to focus on your five Kevar novel ideas. But you have more with “writer meets this girl” &, yes, that non-fiction book you have spoken of before!!! And you always have ideas for your blog! –Jeffrey, one day at a time, right???!!! Phil

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