Monday Musings, Week 22, 2021

The last day of May is here, which means that it’ll only be one month before we’re already halfway through this year. Time really flies when you’re busy! So, what’s been keeping me busy? A lot of stuff, really, haha.

The first feedback from my proofreaders

I already received some feedback on my manuscript for Stempels last week. I’m going to process it later this week. It’s always amazing to see proofreaders put so much effort and time in helping me and it is greatly appreciated. I’m hoping that by the end of next month I can start sending out the polished version of the manuscript to publishers!

Monday Musings (22)

Time spent with friends is never wasted

Last weekend Bren went to visit our best friend Robin and they had big plans for the weekend. So did I, with Wouter and Niels, two of my best friends who I’ve known for over twenty years now. We had a lovely weekend playing video games, watching movies and sharing drinks 😉 It’s great that we’re finally reaching a point where we can do these things again, now that our country is slowly lifting more and more lockdown measures. On top of all that the weather was absolutely lovely, so we didn’t just stay indoors, we also went for a lovely walk.

The To-Dos are working nicely

Remember last week, when I said I wanted to help Bren get more grip on all the things she needed to do? Well the list has grown, but we’re already on list two by now and a lot of stuff has been done. I helped here where I could, of course. I just love seeing how something as simple as making a list can help to get a grip on everything that needs to be done. And by ticking all those things off the list you really get this feeling of accomplishment. Now I’m really hoping that we can keep the momentum going and create some space for relaxation as well, because we do both tend to take on too much stuff and end up feeling stressed. I know how to guard myself against that now, but we do both tend to be really busy with all of our work.

Tomorrow’s the start of a new month, so it’s also going to be a nice time to sit down and look at my year goals again and what I think is going all right and what needs more attention. I do feel like this has been a good year so far, though and I’d love to keep that up!

Have a great week!


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  1. Jeffrey, Yesterday, May 31, was our American big picnic/BBQ holiday, Memorial Day, honoring all those deceased American military service people. It marks the beginning of the summer season for us. We had the first family gathering/cookout at my son’s yard since COVID struck!!! Happy for you that the proofreaders’ reviews of ” Stempels” are coming through so you can make changes by the end of July. Then off to the publishers! Time well spent is right for you & Bren with your separate respective friends this past weekend! Your To-Do List approach sounds like it is effectively addressing Bren’s priorities! Maybe you both can use your approach to spread out your priorities so that the burden is less stressful!!! And your June reappraisal of you year’s goals will, I am sure, help you to march through the second half of 2021 with satisfaction & a feeling of accomplishment! –I’m just following my calendar book weekly & daily & making adjustments as I go. Geri has increasingly been a big help in spreading things out so I too avoid “overload.” –Good talking! Phil

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    • Hi Phil,

      Great that Geri is helping you out so much! Bren and I work as a team on pretty much everything. I help her where I can regarding the blog and her Etsy shop (mostly the technological part and the financials) and she helps me with my writing. Our biggest priority now is finding some place to live in Hilversum as we have made it our goal to start a life there! So a lot of time will be spent finding something suitable. We intend to buy a house, but the market is a horrible mess, so we’re also looking to rent. 🙂

      In the meantime, there’s my writing project(s) and blogs to keep filled with content. But I’m not pushing myself beyond at least the Monday Musings post. Life is busy as it is! 🙂

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  2. Jeffrey, Nice to hear you & Bren are looking for a place to buy or rent in Hilversum!!! I was in Hilversum long ago in 1966 at the radio station. I was singing with the 50+ male chorus, the Rutgers University Glee Club, while on concert tour. Also, Geri’s Mom came from Hilversum to the USA around 1928. Phil


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