Monday Musings, Week 20, 2021

Hello lovely people! It’s a brand new Monday and I just finished work. It’s been quite a day catching up on emails and having an appointment with the vet somewhere in between, but today all I have is good news!


My manuscript for Stempels has been completely reviewed! I went through it during my week off my office job and Bren has made a lot of improvements on the manuscript. Now comes the next phase, which means we’ll be sending the manuscript out to some proofreaders to see what they think. I’m so curious! In the meantime I’ll be starting to look for publishers as well that I feel would be great for my next book. There are no guarantees I’ll end up being published, but I have my eyes set on a few well known publishers that I’d love to be affiliated with, so fingers crossed!

Monday Musings (20)


As I mentioned before, today we went to the vet with our cat Storm and he’s doing great! We were worried that something bad might be wrong with him, but it turned out that he had an infection in his mouth connected to his teeth problems. In all honesty we would be shocked if it turned out it was something much worse, because he didn’t behave in an odd way and we’re both pretty good at reading our four-legged friends’ body language.

Other stuff

Last week gave me some time to consider what I want to spend my time on. I’m already considering a few new writing projects that I’d love to either start, or continue with. On top of that I feel that I should write more content for this blog and I’m working out some ideas, but one thing I haven’t really done much lately is write my book, LEGO and video game reviews here, so that’s something I’m going to start doing again. I love writing them and sharing my thoughts about the stuff I love, so why not do it, right? 😉

So, what are your plans for this week? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Monday!


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  1. Jeffrey, Best wishes as “Stempels” heads to the proof readers & then publishers!!! Glad all is well with Storm.
    Looks like that “Other stuff” is your challenge with ideas for new/continued writing projects, more blog content, writing your book, plus LEGO & video game reviews!!! Your sci-fi book series of 5 different “cats” was the book idea I remember most. Jeffrey, just don’t take on too much. You learned that I am sure. Phil

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