Mondag Musings, Week 16, 2021

Hello everyone! It’s a brand new week in April and man did we have some good weather this weekend. It looks like spring is finally here, hopefully it will stay that way, but who knows if you live in the Netherlands where weather is about as changeable as the amount of Corona infections. I wonder if there’s a correlation between the two, who knows?

Preparation is key!

I said I’ve been busy working on the Weekly To-Do article and this morning I spent some time working on my personal Weekly To-Do, so I can use it as an example for the article when it comes on later this week. I even added a little something extra called a habit tracker, that you can use to do daily check-ups on good habits you want to train. Creating habits take somewhere around seventy days before they become second nature, so if you’re looking into changing your habits and adding some good ones to your life, working with a tracker is a great idea.

What’s been keeping me busy

Well, as I said before Bren and I are in the process of changing our lifestyle and are working on reducing our footprint by trying to ban plastics, eating less meat and dairy products. We even bought a product called a Vegan Milker. Which sound really, really wrong, if you ask me. But what it does is awesome, you simply add hot water into the glass bottle and something like nuts and some dates in the mixing reservoir, then use a hand blender and you end up with some really delicious vegan milk! We tried almond milk and oat milk thus far, the first one was really good and the latter we both didn’t like that much.

Monday Musings (16)

We’ve also been watching a bunch of documentaries over these past weeks. Kiss the Ground, about how we need to preserve our soil, because it can help us trap carbon emissions. Seaspiracy about how the fishing industry is ruining sea life and last night we watched Chasing Coral, which was about the dying coral reefs around the globe. I have to admit that watching too much of these documentaries isn’t good for your mood. I felt rather gloomy after watching Chasing Coral because it was so depressing to see all that beautiful coral die because of global warming. I do think they’re all important to watch and I do highly recommend them. Kiss the Ground  has got to be the most positive one of them all, giving us some perspective into a better future. I’d rather watch more documentaries like this, which also show us how we can solve these problems.

My plans for the week

Well, as I said, I’m going to be publishing my new article this week about the Weekly To-Do. Besides that I’m also going to make a start with going through Bren’s feedback on my novel Stempels, which I’m really looking forward to finishing and improving using her much appreciated comments on my work. I always go into stuff like this knowing it’ll turn out way better than my first draft ever will be.

Besides working on the novel there’s some reviews I want to write as well. I’m considering writing some reviews, or maybe some other type of articles about those documentaries I’ve watched. I’m also reading How to Avoid a Climate Disaster by Bill Gates and will probably finish that this week. I think I’ll do some words about that one too, because it’s been a great read thus far and also a very important one. Climate change has been a thing that’s been keeping me really busy and I want to do what I can to make more people aware and by showing how easy it is to change just a few things in your life to make a change.

It’s going to be a great week, I think!

Happy Monday!


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  1. Jeffrey, Netherlands weather sounds as changeable as that of the UK. Anticipating your Weekly To-Do article & including a habit tracker! Admirable of you & Bren reducing your footprint emphasizing plastics, meats, dairy products, & introducing Vegan Milker!!! Sounds like great environmental documentaries you are both watching on soil, fishing coral. & the best one on how we can solve these problems. Great that you are about to start this week going through Bren’s feedback on your novel Stempels so you can then improve & finish up on your manuscript. Your week sounds so ambitious when you add writing reviews & environmental articles on those documentaries & Bill Gates book. Did I ever tell you that climate change is the full-time job of my #2 son Peter, turning 40 soon too! He is second in command of a million dollar non-profit firm, working mostly from home in New York State with his boss in Massachusetts. They are environmental consultants to all other environmental non-profit organizations. Peter trained & was certified at Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project. Before this position the last few years, Peter was a marketer/numbers cruncher for a liberal political consulting firm in New York City with all the “big ones” from Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, to Joe Bidden. Phil

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    • Hi Phil,

      Yes, my week does sound ambitious, but don’t worry, there will be plenty of time to relax as well! 🙂

      The documentaries I mentioned are highly recommended! If you have Netflix you should give them a try sometime.

      You never told me about your son Peter being such an environmentalist! You must be really proud of him. Personally, we’re only just delving deeper into the matter and trying to get an informed view of the current status and what we can do to help as mere “consumers”. But there’s so much we can do and that is absolutely great! 🙂


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  2. Jeffrey, A major thing Peter did personally environmental-wise very recently was to heat & air condition his home, on the Hudson River in New York State, with a geothermal system. It is expensive upfront, $25,000, but pays for itself over time cutting out $ 6,000 per winter for heating oil & higher electric bills in summer for air conditioning. Basically the geothermal system is based on drilling into the ground for two pipes 100 feet or more each. Phil

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