Mondag Musings, Week 15, 2021

Monday is here again! And what a weekend it has been. Bren spent her weekend at Robin’s, so I had the whole place to myself from Friday afternoon till Sunday afternoon. But it wasn’t just me-time that I had during this weekend, I’ve actually been really busy getting rid of more “junk”.

A clean house is a clean mind

I read a couple of books about this subject and the thing about tidying up is that it really helps to get a certain mindset. When things around you are messy, your mind tends to become more cluttered. I do still enjoy my desk to be a bit cluttered, claiming they’re all “ideas” that I have lying around, but I do clean up my desk at the end of the day, meaning I remove any used cups, mugs and other trash. But there are a lot of notebooks, a pen and some collectibles on the desk, still. The “ideas” section. 😉

Anyway, this weekend I finally got rid of our dresser. It was almost as if there was a curse on that thing. Afterwards I felt great! Not only was it taking up half the kitchen, but it was so much in the way that Bren and I kept bumping into each other in the kitchen and during mornings that’s never a good idea… 😛

After I got rid of the dresser, that was enough for Friday and I continued cleaning out my work room and our “cat room”, which is where we placed the litterboxes and a whole lot of other stuff. So it’s basically a storage room, but it’s really one of those rooms where you put all the stuff you don’t really have any other space left for. Both of the rooms have been cleaned out for the largest part, so when Bren got home Sunday she came home to a much tidier house. We’re both really happy about it!

Monday Musings (15)

The weekly To-Do is coming

Yes! I have let the idea of writing the weekly To-Do blog boil for a bit and I think this week I will be able to finally share a well thought out blog about making a weekly To-Do list. So that’s one thing I really want to deliver this week. I’ve also been busy with a lot of other important “grown up” stuff, like orienting on the housing market and one of my To-Dos for this week is finding out how my parents can help with paying off my last debt, the study loan, which has been haunting me since forever, it seems.

Bren has also started going through my new novel Stempels and I received the first feedback from her, so I’ll be going through that as well. Now I should probably print the rest of the manuscript for her, so she can continue doing her red pen thing. So far she seems to like the story, so fingers crossed it’ll stay that way 😉

Me time

I did mention it before, but last weekend I did have a lot of me-time as well. The importance of spending some time alone is often underappreciated and I did love having a couple of days to myself. After I was done with cleaning up the house, I played Monster Hunter: Rise on Nintendo Switch and watched some series with snacks and a beer. But by the second night it was getting a bit lonely, haha. Still, I really appreciated this time on my own (well, I did have our cats for company) for a bit. It also reminded me that a week off work might be a great idea, since I’ve just been busy, busy, busy. So weird compared to last year when I was having a burn-out. At least now I know what caused that and I won’t let that happen again so quickly! 😉

I hope you guys all have a great week!

Happy Monday!


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  1. Jeffrey, THE DRESSER!!! Did you chop it up or what? A new kind of bachelor weekend for you, old man! Cleaning your two rooms, work room & cat room!!! So your weekly To-Do blog is gelling! And Bren has started her role as First Editor on “Stempels”! And you retrieved your reputation by playing Nintendo with snacks & beer!!! Nice that by day night you missed Bren! Quite a changeup weekend for you implementing what you’ve read about a tidy mindset & Bren visiting her friend, Robin! Phil

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    • Hey Phil! I disassembled it and was able to fit the top in my car with the passenger’s seat down! 🙂 It was a real tight fit, though, but I managed!
      It’s great to apply stuff that I’ve read and be mindful of whatever you’re doing. I got so much done in so little time, what a great feeling!

      Liked by 1 person

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