Monday Musings, Week 17, 2021

It’s Monday and I just realised that last week didn’t exactly go as planned as I went over my weekly To-Do list. I had the article set up to be released, but failed to actually finish it last weekend, because I wasn’t home. This was because I went to one of my best friends, which wasn’t really planned, but still a very welcome change of pace. On the other hand, this does add something great to my upcoming Weekly To-Do article, which is what happens when you don’t finish everything on the list! 😉

Replaying classics and why Smash Bros is so great

So, last weekend I went to my best friend’s place to have a good time playing video games, watching a movie and have a couple of beers. We ended up playing Command & Conquer: Red Alert. The remastered edition of this game is available on Steam and it was an absolute blast to play this game in multiplayer once again.

Monday Musings (17)

We also spent quite a few hours playing Smash Bros Ultimate on the Switch and it’s such a great game! It also helps that we’re pretty much on the same skill level, which makes playing these games even more fun. What I love most about this game is that it really is a big celebration of video game history and being able to pit some of your favourite characters against one another is just awesome. 

King’s Day 2021

Tomorrow is King’s Day here in the Netherlands, but as last year it will be a rather useless holiday with everything being closed pretty much. The day after we’ll be seeing several changes to our country’s COVID policies, which I think are rather risky and should have been implemented a couple of weeks to a month later. Medical personnel is already stressed out as they are and I fear that these changes will only make the amount of infections increase once again. I’ll still be careful and will wait for that moment when I can say “Hate to say I told you so…” Not that anyone listens to me directly, but it’s about the idea. 😛 Still, I’ll be enjoying my day off by doing a lot of stuff for this blog, because I have to make good on my promise… 😉

Stempels feedback processing

Bren’s feedback on my manuscript for my upcoming novel Stempels is progressing nicely as well. I printed the rest of the manuscript for her, so she can continue her diligent work on it. Thus far I find the feedback very valuable and haven’t disagreed on all the changes and suggestions she’s made. Which means that the newer version will only get better. I’ll have to ask some people to proofread the touched up version soon! If you’re in the market for it, let me know. It is a Dutch novel, so you’ll need to be able to read it, of course, haha.

More stuff on the way

So, last weekend I didn’t have time to finish the books I’m currently reading, but that changes this week, so expect a couple of reviews and more!

What are you guys up to this week? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. Jeffrey, Your latest “Monday Musings” gives credibility to your upcoming Weekly To-Do article which will reflect your recent experience not finishing your own list! Sounds like you had a blast with your friend gaming last weekend! Tomorrow’s King’s Day will once again be the victim of COVID, hopefully, one last time. There is such an intense political demand on the government in the Netherlands to ease up some COVID restrictions……which I see on Facebook. But your warning against this easing is backed up your own the medical personnel fearing it will bring on another “wave.” Here we are addressing the mundane things/needs of life postponed during Geri’s period of surgeries such as shopping for things. We still have to purchase a sofa bed for a guest room. And Geri is catching up on health checkups/test that had been postponed. And then besides the standard maintenance demand around our place, we very recently had to have our hot water heater replaced. Jeffrey, if you do buy your own house, be prepared to address things that must be done on the house that will “throw to the wind” any schedule/To-Do list from time to time. Hi to Bren! That crocheted jacket Bren made & posted on Facebook is outstanding!!! Phil


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