Monday Musings, Week 12, 2021

It’s finally spring! And we have been really busy cleaning out our house. Bren is selling a lot of her old stuff that she no longer wants and we’ve gotten rid of a lot of things from the storage shed and put up a whole lot for sale. So far, we have managed to sell some of it, but we’re not anywhere near finished with all of it. It feels good, though.

Picking up litter

Last weekend we spent most of Saturday afternoon cleaning our neighbourhood of litter. Pieces of plastic, bottles, cans, you name it, we picked it up. Bren’s best friend Robin was there to help us out too! 🙂

Monday Musings 12 - 1

It’s crazy to see just how much we managed to pick up. And the things you find are, well, surprising at times. But we ended up collecting a couple of kilos worth of litter and the amount of satisfaction from cleaning up like this is enormous. It’s a great boost for the environment and your mental health, so it’s a big win-win. We definitely intend to do this way more often!

Monday Musings 12 - 2

These three bags were filled with so much junk! It’s insane to see how much litter you find around you when you really look. Knowing that all of this is now gone from the forest and surrounding area gives some comfort that no animals will accidentally get stuck in it, or swallow the plastics. I can’t recommend this enough, try this yourself sometime!

Looking forward

Since spring has started, I think I’ll use the coming time to look forward to what I want to achieve this upcoming quarter. Part of my energy will go into helping Bren with her project, while another part has to go to looking for a new home. We had a talk with the mortgage broker and it’s looking hopeful, I can say! But there are still some things we need to take care of before we can start looking for real.

When it comes to writing, I’m considering plotting the Kevar story soon. I’ve already written a couple of chapters, knowing how I wanted this story to start, but I need to know where it’s going. Especially since it’s going to be a five story saga and I intend to make them full sized novels of around 300 pages, or so.

Well that’s it for my Monday Musings. I hope you all had a great weekend and are looking forward to this week as much as I am!

Happy Monday!



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  1. Jeffrey & Bren, An excellent update on your lives from cleaning out personal items & selling some to that very successful neighborhood cleanup!!! –An impressive haul with those bags of junk! Good start with the mortgage broker for your home buying prospects!!! And you sound more than close to starting your Kevar series of five books, having written a few preliminary chapters to find your bearings. Best wishes on that & all you & Bren are about! Phil

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