Monday Musings, week 13, 2021

The 29th of March. The last day of my thirties. Tomorrow I’ll be forty and I’ll have completed that much rotations around our sun. A weird realization, right? When I was younger I often associated people in their forties with being a real adult and usually they had a couple of kids. I’m turning forty and I live together with Bren and our cats and that’s more than enough for us. It’s weird how you get older, look around you and see people around your age still being as clueless about life as they were in their thirties and twenties. Okay, maybe a little bit less so, but still. A lot of people don’t have everything as together as they would like all the others to believe. The same goes for yours truly.

Monday Musings (13)

Hello forties

So, tomorrow’s the big day! I have to admit that birthdays don’t really feel the same during this Corona pandemic. Last year my birthday was around the time of the first wave here in the Netherlands. Now we’re sort of in the third wave, with vaccinations slowly trickling through. So no big party, not much guests. It’s not that I really care that much about birthdays, but I do miss having the opportunity to have a party. That’s why I’m hoping that I’ll be able to reschedule my 40th anniversary to somewhere else this year.

My plans for this next decade? Well, a couple of things really. First of all, we really want to try and buy a house. We’re investigating all our options at the moment, so that’s one of the biggest projects of my forties, probably. Besides that I plan on writing a quintology and hopefully many more stories and books, including a non-fiction one. I’ve been nursing the ideas for that book for some time and I think my forties would be a good decade to write a book about life and my life philosophy. A modern stoic take on life, if you will. 🙂

Plans, plans, plans.

Of course, plans are nothing if you don’t actually do something with them. Then they’re just dreams. 😉 So I’m also working on making all these big projects a lot more concrete, chopping them up into smaller bits and by the time that’s done, I’ll start knocking down goals one by one! Every time I start writing about all of this, I get enthusiastic, because I think my method works really nicely and I’d love sharing it with you. So that’s what I’ll be doing on this blog following this article! Please tune in later this week for more productivity tips!

Happy Monday!


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  1. Jeffrey, Happy 40th Birthday for tomorrow, Tuesday, March 30!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have it on my calendar right here next to my computer! I’ll see if Facebook tells me it’s your birthday tomorrow!!! Celebrate with Bren in a big way in the meantime despite COVID restraints!!! Your decade of plans are, indeed, ambitious!!! Best wishes once again investigating the purchase of your own home with Bren!!!!!!!!!! And I wish you great success with your ambitious writing goals; your “quintology,” plus stories & books, including an autobiography with your stoic life philosophy. Make way for Jeffrey’s 40’s because he has a lot of living to do before his BIG 5-0!!!!!! Our love to you for your 40th!!! Phil & Geri too

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