Monday Musings, Week 9, 2021

It’s March! And we all survived February, which wasn’t really that bad this year. We had a wonderful snowy spectacle and the weather last weekend was simply wonderful. Bren and I went for a lot of walks and even visited some local farms to get local produce! More on that later! 😉

World Compliment Day

First of all, today is World Compliment Day and I really can’t thank you all enough for reading all of my ramblings. Both in book form and on this blog and The Book Dragon’s Nook! I love reading your reactions to my writing and I am so excited about what this year will bring, with my latest manuscript being done and going through editing right now. Thank you all so very much!

National Compliment Day (1)

Going for a Zero Waste lifestyle

Bren has been studying a whole bunch of books lately about living with zero waste and how we should all reduce plastics, or even try to ban them completely from our lives. Last week she asked if we could visit some local farms where we can get cheese, fresh milk and maybe even meat. We went to two of these and it was a lovely experience. We got some fresh milk and yoghurt and from the other one we got some really nice cheese.


I would really recommend everyone to try and visit places like these. Not only do you support your locals like this, but you can also prevent a lot of waste. Not only because we brought our own packaging, but also because there are less transportation costs and thus emission. Since we walked there, it was even better!

Clara Maria

We’ll be sharing a whole lot more about this new adventure we’ve begun, but I can tell you that it really makes you feel good, because you know you’re helping to reduce the amount of plastics that everything in the supermarket seems to be packaged in.

The Weekly To-Do

Yep, there it is again… Haha, I know I still haven’t come around to writing a new blog article about my To-Do methods, but this week I have enough free time, because I’m done with Stempels for now. So, that means I’ve got more time to spend writing blogs and other content here and on The Book Dragon’s Nook! Once again, I’m asking you to stay tuned. I’ll probably make this my To-Do Month or something! March is also my birthday month, with the big four ‘o looming overhead on the 30th of March. I’m getting old, haha.

Anyway, I hope you all have a great week and I’ll see you guys back again later this week for more about my weekly To-Dos!

Happy Monday!


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  1. Jeffrey, A very upbeat Monday Musings, Week 9!!! You had a mild winter with a show of snow for “flavor”! Here we had a blizzard in early February with 3 ft. of snow within two days!!! Then, a week later 8 more inches of snow that came down over a period of days most of the week like a “slow snow torture,” I called it! World Compliment day! –Very nice appreciation you expressed for your readers! For World Compliment Day, I praise you & Bren for all your contributions to literacy; you as a reader, an author, bogger, & reviewer, & Bren as as a reader & reviewer, & both of you promoting authors & bookstores!!! And kudos to Bren for reading up on a “Zero Waste lifestyle” & all you did locally from walking to a farm to shop for milk, yogurt, & those cheeses!!! –Even bringing your own packaging! We must all make reducing our carbon footprint part of our lives. You mentioned eliminating plastics! It drives me mad to see the quantities of plastics in our oceans!!! –And the marvelous invention of two young guys that harvest huge quantities of plastics from the sea……while on the other side of the world plastics are being dumped into the ocean!!! –And the horror to see the sea life congesting or otherwise this junk!!! Next up, that Weekly To-Do List!! Sounds like you have completed this proofing/rewriting stage of your manuscript, ” Stempels”! And get ready for turning 40!!! –An early Happy Birthday to you for March 30! Between now & then brag to anyone & everyone that you are only in your 30’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And what do I do each day??????? –Very busy!!!!!!!! But I start with meditation thanks to YOU!!! Phil

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