Monday Musings, week 10, 2021

Another fresh Monday! Last week was a pretty nice week. Bren is selling a lot of her old hobby stuff that she doesn’t need and is busy with a brand new idea. So, we collected a lot of stuff that we needed to get rid of as well. On top of that we still had a broken down laundry dryer and some other stuff that needed to go, so this weekend I spent some time doing just that. By the end of the month I hope that we’ll have cleared out most of the junk from our storage. It’s a bit of an early spring cleaning here!

Monday Musings 10

Now that I’m in a sort of “in between” place, I find that I can focus on some other things that needed to be done. I made an appointment with a mortgage broker, because we would really like to move away from here and buy a nice place of our own. The market isn’t really great at the moment and it’s become increasingly hard for people to buy a house, unless they have a double income, it would seem. But knowing is half the battle, so we really need to know what our perspective is and then we can decide what to do next. Buy, or rent another house. I would very much prefer the first, but if it’s not an option, at least then we’ll know!

I am reading a lot again. I’m currently busy with my second blog tour book for The Book Dragon’s Nook and Bren made me very enthusiastic about a book about the zero waste lifestyle, so I’ve started reading that in the mornings. We are currently working on reducing our footprint and that means trying to ban plastics from our house as much as possible. It’s no easy task, I can tell you, but it is necessary for our planet and that means we have to try and get off our comfortable, lazy asses and do something while we can.

I’ve also started listening to David Attenborough’s book A life on our planet. It’s a very good book, but also a very disconcerting one. His message is clear; if we don’t act now, we’ll end up living in a world that won’t be able to sustain us any longer. With our population reaching 10 billion people, I think we need to reconsider a lot of the things we do in life as it is. David Attenborough says that we need to stop thinking about infinite growth, because that is impossible in a world that is finite in resources. I agree with him and although his message may sound grim, we can still turn the course of our planet and life on it around. That’s why I’m also voting for a party that has environmental sustainability in high regard. To deny climate change is the worst thing we could possibly do these days and I intend to start with myself. I already drive far less than I did, thanks to the Corona crisis, by working from home pretty much all the time. Changes like these I hope will remain after the crisis is over.

A Life on our Planet

This week I’ll be blogging a lot more, since I’m not working on any new books. I will be shortly, but first I have to finish Stempels. After that my focus will be once again on my Ley Lines universe with not one, but two projects! 😉

Have a great week!


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  1. Jeffrey, You both have been busy with Bren selling things & you both clearing out excess items, plus starting an early spring cleaning of stuff that needs to go like that broken laundry dryer! Best wishes with that mortgage broker & future plans to buy or rent a larger space. And then you are busy with your second blog tour book for The Book Dragon’s Nook! –Plus Bren’s book about the zero waste lifestyle & ridding the world of plastic. And as if all this is not enough, your are listening to David Attenborough’s book, “A life on our planet,” warning that our present world is unsustainable with population growth & finite resources. And you & Bren, I know, are doing your part to lower your carbon imprint. –PLUS, finishing “Stempels” before moving on to your Ley Lines universe projects!!!. WOW! Slow down, Jeffrey!!!!!!!!! Phil


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