Monday Musings, Week 8, 2021

We’ve just had a very nice weekend and it’s already Monday! Our weekend always starts on Friday, since I work parttime at my office job. This weekend it seems like it was over in the blink of an eye, but man did we have a good time 🙂 The weather was quite a change of pace from last week, a near 25 degrees centigrade difference! I’m not sure how good that is for nature, to be honest.

Anyway, it’s a brand new week and that means a new weekly To-Do. I know I said I would write something about doing the weekly To-Do, but in between my office job and working on my manuscript, I just didn’t have the energy to sit down and write a good piece about my Weekly To-Do lists. So, I’ll probably come around to it this week.

Monday Musings 8

Speaking of which, my current To-Do is to finish reviewing my manuscript by the end of the week and that’s pretty much all I will be able to spend my time on, because it’s quite a lot of work. I’m at Chapter 10 of 27 and if I do a page count, I’m about one third of the way. So, in other words, I’ll have to double my efforts this week to finish everything in time. The good news is that the further I came writing this book, the more I found a good flow for the story to progress, so that should hopefully make it a lot easier to revise the book and not having to rewrite stuff. I ended up deleting an entire chapter (granted the chapter was only a couple of pages) and rewriting an entire chapter, because the support character’s role was different when I started and the scenes didn’t fit her any more.

Once all of that stuff is done, I’ll leave the manuscript in the caring hands of Bren and hopefully, she will love everything I wrote. This book is really close to my heart and something I’d never done before. I think I will do more stories like these, because it’s all about how we deal with mortality and our hopes, dreams and fears. I hope it will bring people a wide variety of emotions as they read it. When I go through the manuscript, it does that for me, but I know I’m dealing with tunnelvision. Something that often comes from working on a project for a very long time. I’m also experiencing the phase where I think a lot of what I wrote isn’t good enough. The doubts of a writer 😉

So, that’s it for where I currently am with the project! I’ve also been playing Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity on Switch and I absolutely love it. A review will follow quite soon, I think 🙂 And I’ve finished building the LEGO Tie Fighter Pilot helmet as well, for which I will also be writing a review! Stay tuned!

Have a great week!


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  1. Jeffrey, You are sounding much more practical & grounded these days addressing what’s most important to you & concentrating your efforts. Reviewing your manuscript is certainly tedious labor. Sounds like it is going well with your flow improving as your writing progressed &, thus, less rewrites! Ah, but will Bren just read your manuscript & pass her magic wand over it? –Probably so! It sounds so good; “it’s all about how we deal with mortality and our hopes, dreams and fears.” And just let the self-doubts go about what you wrote…You are an experienced author & you have been here before with your trilogy! –So, the Lego helmet is finished & still time for some gaming with Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity on Switch! Breeze through that manuscript! Bren awaits you!!! Phil


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