Monday Musings, Week 7, 2021

Last week I told you all that I finished the first draft of my manuscript for my latest novel. Last week I started going through it and I’m currently rewriting an entire chapter. I already knew there was a small part of the story that I didn’t feel belonged. Coming back to it and seeing how big a chunk of a chapter it really was (actually, it was pretty much the entire chapter) this meant having to rewrite an entire chapter. More work than I had anticipated, but sometimes these things are what they are.

I’m also planning on going deeper into my To-Do list obsession this week! Last week I covered the basics, by showing you an example of my Daily To-Do. This week I plan on sharing how to start making a weekly To-Do list. The larger the scope of your list and the more time you have to complete the list, the more important those items need to be! 😉 So stay tuned for more about that later this week!

Winter Wonderland

In the Netherlands we were having a lot of snow the past week. Sadly most of it will be gone by the end of today, as we’re entering a warmer period, but we enjoyed everything nature had to offer locally. We have a small forest here in Uithoorn and it was stunningly beautiful in the snow.

20210207_134207 20210207_134714Not too long ago these logs were covered in lovely layers of moss. I doubt the moss will have survived much of the snow, but seeing everything covered in a thick layer of white is just breathtaking.



Valentine’s Day

Last Sunday was our third Valentine’s Day together and it was such a lovely day! After we had our Sunday breakfast (calling it brunch would be more appropriate, I guess) we spoiled each other with gifts and a card. Then we went for our last walk in the snow, because we knew it would be the last day we could enjoy it before the temperature would rise, as it did today.

Hyrule Warriors

Bren gave me this lovely card and Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. If that ain’t true love, I don’t know what is 😛

After our walk I ordered us Greek food from our local restaurant Thessalia. These are hard times for them and we love supporting our locals, so we did!


We spent the evening putting together our latest LEGO sets and reading. All in all, a perfect Valentine’s Day!

How did you spend your Valentine’s?

Have a great week!



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  1. Jeffrey, So it turned into you rewriting of that chapter of your manuscript that did not sit write with you….& still in progress. And your Monday Musings Week 7 says we can look forward to “how to start making a weekly To-Do list” later this week! Love the photos from your Valentine’s Day walk through the “Winter Wonderland” in Uithoorn!!! And your gifts for this your third Valentine’s Day together….Very nice! And topped off with that yummy Greek food from your local restaurant Thessalia!!! Our Valentine’s Day was marked by its understated ceremonial exchange of Valentine’s cards as it has been for all these 49 years together!!! Phil

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