Monday Musings #21: Going back to Kevar Prime

Writing can be a gift and a curse. When you have plenty of inspiration and the words just seem to flow, it feels like a gift. When you are stuck trying to tell a story and every idea seems like a bad one, then it can really feel like a curse. I’m glad to report that I’m on the “it feels like a gift” side once more. While I’ve been busy writing my Dutch novel “Stempels”, I’ve also been having a ton of inspiration to start working on a brand new story set in the Ley Lines universe.

Cats are pawsome

It’s been a wish of mine for a long time to start working on a brand new story focused on the feline Kevar race in my Ley Lines universe. Ever since I had decided that there would be a warrior race of bipedal cats in my story I’ve been intrigued by what their culture and worlds would look like. Those who have read my books know that the Kevar are a race that value honour, but also have very strict social rules and cull the weak from their society without looking back. All these outcasts or “Kajet no Ra’asha” (forsaken by Ra’asha) are left to their own devices, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be significant to a story, or can they? Bren has already read the first draft chapter and she asked me when she can expect more. I’ve been busy alternating between what I feel like working every day, so I’ll probably have a new chapter for her to read soon.

Bobbie the Queen

So, what’s it about?

What I really want to write, and what I’m going to write, is the story about how the Kevar found the strange new world Urdak III. This world was visited in my original trilogy “The Shaedon Resurgence”. It’s a world of great spiritual importance to the Kevar and it is there that their Spiritwalkers live and that is not without reason. But how did it all start and why is Urdak III such a significant planet in the scheme of all things? That is something I want to explore in these stories and they will each focus on one of five protagonists, each with their own background story, which I intend to explore as well. The most awesome thing is that I’m basing all of them on our own cats and am trying to incorporate their unique personalities in their Kevar alter ego.

Snow World

The first story will focus on a young Kevar woman called Bo Damos. She finds herself in barren, snow-covered wilds with zero memory of how she got there. It is up to her to find out who she really was, but sometimes uncovering the truth can be worse than living a lie… Bo is based on our cat Bobbie, who is a kick-ass lady who’s a bit of a scaredycat at times, but doesn’t shy back from bullies, although she can be one herself sometimes!

So, when is it done?

As always, I don’t push myself for when a story should be done. There’s no deadline, but I do hope that I’ll make good progress with these untold stories. There will be five in total, but I’m not certain if they’ll become as big as the trilogy. Maybe in total. But who knows, I’m not known to be brief about my storytelling. 😉

I hope you all have a good week!


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  1. Jeffrey, You really know where you what to go with your latest book writing about the Kevars on Udak III. And focusing stories on five of your cats for your protagonists personalities starting with Bo based on your cat Bobbie is a really neat takeoff platform! And sounds like fun for your creative juices that are flowing!!! Phil

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