Monday Musings #14: Brushes (with Death)

It has been quite a week in the news with everything that’s going down in the US and it’s worrisome that racism is still such a big problem in this world. My hope was that the COVID-19 outbreak would have at least brought people closer together, because we’re all in this pandemic together, but it would seem that my hope was unfounded.

Meanwhile, here in the Netherlands we had a big protest against racism in Amsterdam that violated all the rules for social distancing and it’s been widely discussed on social media and what we see more clearly now is that there are a lot of people who are against these social distancing rules. In the meantime our government is trying to pass a law that will help enforce the social distancing, because the ruling is too unclear. At the same time the people I mentioned earlier who are against these rules/laws are stating that this is in direct violation of all our freedom and that the virus isn’t as dangerous as we are led to believe. I would kindly ask those people to take a good look at what’s happening in the United States and think on their words again. If we didn’t have the social distancing rules we’d have a bigger death toll here. Is that what we really want? This outbreak has been hard on all of us, but instead of wanting to go back to how everything was, shouldn’t we be looking forward and find a new way of living? I for one love working at home and don’t really miss the office that much. I know this isn’t the same for everyone, but I do think there are a lot of things we should reconsider going forward.

Thankfully I have some uplifting news too; I have taken up my drawing once again and am currently experimenting with these really new brush pens. Bren and I are together for a year and eight months now and I drew this one for her. It’s a combination of pigment liner and ecoline brush pens. I quite like how it turned out, for something so simple. 🙂

And last night I decided to try my hand at another moonlit tree with a bird. I still have a lot of practice left to go, but I really love how they turned out. I’m going to start drawing more this week, so hopefully there’ll be some nice artwork I can use for my upcoming stories too. 🙂 There’s so much ideas I have so I hope they’ll work out!

How have your weeks been? I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy and really hope we come out of all this stronger!

Happy Monday!


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  1. Jeffrey, Patty posted on Facebook the photo of the Dam protest against racism & her concerns about spreading COVID. We have the same problem in the USA as you know. And the same cries here as you said by people about losing their freedom. You sound in the swing of things!!! Great! Love that sketch for Bren in honor of your year and eight months together of the tree & moon now using the brush pens!!! And the moonlit tree & bird look great as well! STAY SAFE & WELL! OK here. Awaiting Geri’s July 30 second surgery. Phil

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    • Hey Phil! As far as I know I can see that it’s far worse in the US with the death toll staggeringly high. I feel so sorry for all of you to have such a bad government 😦 Ours is far from perfect, but all in all, we’ve handled the crisis quite well thus far. My big concern now is all those people who are against social distancing. To me they’re akin to anti-vaxers. Hope you are staying safe and well too! And I wish you all the best waiting for Geri’s surgery! It’s only 2 more months now! Love, Jeffrey

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