Reading is Fun!

We’re almost halfway through this year and man… What a year this has been thus far! The Corona outbreak has forced many of us to spend much more time at home and I’m no exception, of course. 😉 Ever since I’ve been a member of the Goodreads community, I’ve been participating in the annual reading challenge there and, well, I have a confession to make… Reading is F.U.N.! I’ve been spending a whole lot more time reading books and I thought I’d finish 25 books this year. Well, turns out I already did that in the first five months of this year!

So, without any further ado, here’s proof 😉

These are the books I’ve read so far. One might argue that some of them weren’t that thick, or that I’ve also included comics, but these publications do have ISBN numbers. And the year is far from over, so I’m sure I’ll reach an even larger number of books read before the end of the year!

I really love reading again after I hated it for a long time due to school and being forced to read shit that I didn’t enjoy reading at all. I think reading should be encouraged, but never forced on anyone. It also greatly helps that my girlfriend Bren is a bookjunkie, so we’re surrounded by books, cats and it’s great to share a love for great stories with each other! To celebrate completing my challenge I decided to get a T-shirt too.

What do you think? Reading is FUN, right? 😉

Happy reading!


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  1. Jeffrey, Way to go on the Goodreads challenge by already reading your goal of 25 books!!! Imagine how many you will complete by the end of the year!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE the T-shirt, “Reading Is Fun”! –More, look at your photo!!!!!!!!!! How great you look & must be doing & feeling!!! Nothing like a good pandemic once every 100 years for the world to give it a rest! Geri & I say to each other that this is the way we normally live…Less activity! Be well! Stay safe the two of you!!! Phil

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