Monday Musings #12: King’s Day

Today is King’s Day in the Netherlands and although the Dutch people usually party during this day and the streets are filled with orange and our national flag, we don’t see much of that today. Instead we are supposed to make the best of it and #stayinside, as we’re still  trying to combat the Corona virus. The truth is, I never really cared much for King’s Day, but seeing how things are now, it’s strange and odd to see no sign of any festivities. Society is in some sort of stasis, as it were.

Bobbie the Queen

Of course wel all know that our cat Bobbie is the one true Queen! 😉

I’ve been working hard on myself these past weeks, trying to recover from my burn-out and it’s definitely not been easy to try and find rest when I’ve always been such a busy bee. But I’ve learned a lot and mainly to recognize when I should and shouldn’t do certain things. Trying to get rid of the “I must” do this” kind of thoughts and do what gives me energy and joy.

That also meant coping with one of my greatest pitfalls; wanting to please everyone around me. It was already hard for me to learn how to say “no” to certain things, but I thought I was doing quite fine. It seemed that I was still trying too hard to keep everyone around me happy, without taking care of myself first. Knowing and acknowledging all of that were the first steps, now it’s time to live life a little differently. I’m very grateful to have the support of a lovely girlfriend, friends, family and even colleagues who all want me to be the best version of myself. It’s time for life to start again…

Happy Monday


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  1. Jeffrey, Yes, Geri was showing me on her iPhone all about King’s Day from years past, now being celebrated online! Your personal reflections & progress sound good. Any time you want to email to Geri’s email address, or try mine again, or use Bren’s email address to contact my address, or, HERE’S A NEW IDEA, have me email you & just hit “reply.” –No obligation. Only if you like. Then there is Facebook Private Messaging as well. Phil

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