Decluttering, part 2

Bren and I spent a large part of the afternoon clearing out our hobby room. After I started decluttering some of my stuff Bren was inspired and we planned to declutter two rooms this weeks; the hobby room and the cat/storage room. Today we started with the hobby room and so far, a lot of stuff is either tossed, or it’s still good enough to sell to someone. So we’re doing quite all right for ourselves during these weird times.

Tomorrow we’re going to finish the hobby room, after which we’ll have more space and we can start exercising properly again. Right now we keep moving stuff before we can make use of our training equipment and that’s quite bothersome.


After that comes the cat/storage room, which will require quite a bit of effort to clear out, because it’s the room where we dump pretty much everything we don’t really want to toss out, but we also end up never tossing out, because “it could be useful sometime” like boxes for machines, or bubble wrap, or empty boxes we can use to send packages, etc. I’ll try to make some pictures tomorrow, so I can show you the entire proces 🙂

Decluttering is really helpful in more than just one way. Right now it’s also helping us mentally, because it really creates so much tranquility! I’m glad we started doing it 🙂

Happy decluttering!


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