Monday Musings #10: The Rule of Two

The Prime Minister and some other ministers of the Dutch Government just held a press conference to update the population on the whole COVID-19 crisis. Bren and I already noticed that quite some people seemed to ignore the 1.5 meters distance rule and we have seen people standing in groups in our local park. It’s mind boggling why those people lack common sense.

So, as of today there are even more rules added to what already was in place and you’re no longer allowed to be on the streets with more than two people and only for a couple of things; to do grocery shopping, or if you have a vital profession. You’re still allowed to go for a walk, but only alone or with one other person. Also people and companies can get fined for breaking the new rules that are now enacted.

Rule of Two

Darth Sidious understood the need for a rule of two. I’m glad our government watched the Star Wars movies and now enacted this rule too. I really hope that we won’t be seeing large groups of people gathered anymore now, because we need to take this outbreak seriously. Even if it’s nothing like the black plague, we need to protect our elders and those who are at greater risk. I have to say that as someone who has asthma I’m worried too, but not scared. I try to do everything I can to prevent myself from becoming sick, but there have been some people who have made this difficult by not keeping the 1.5 meters distance when we were shopping.

Time will tell if these new measures are of any help. We still have to stay at home until June now, so that’s a big letdown for a lot of people. I’m really glad both me and Bren are introverts, so we can entertain ourselves just fine without big social events, but still, life is weird now. I really hope these new measures will wake some people up to not be selfish, or think they won’t get sick, because they’re young and healthy. COVID-19 doesn’t care what age, gender or whatever you are. If it can spread, it will. It’s our duty to prevent it from doing so and eradicate it from the Earth. After that we can hopefully see that what we are doing here on Earth can’t continue the way it has up to now. Only by working together can we survive and thrive. Let’s make it happen!

Stay safe all!


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