FAQ #6: Friday Asks Questions

It’s Friday! And here’s a brand new FAQ, or Friday Asks Questions 🙂 Today’s question is:

What compliment you received has had the biggest impact on you and how has it impacted your life?

I find it hard to remember compliments for some reason, but the biggest compliment I’ve ever been given was that thanks to my books that person was finally able to read English books again. She never really knew that she liked scifi either, because she thought it was way more technical than what I wrote, but she really loved it. When your books have such a big impact on someone, that really is the biggest compliment you could ever get. And guess who that person was? It was Bren 🙂

Of course, all awesome reviews I get from people are a big compliment to my work and some of them I will cherish for the rest of my life, but the ones from Bren are what inspire me to continue doing what I love doing: Writing!

So, what about you? What compliment do you cherish and has had the biggest impact on your life? Please let me know in the comments!

Happy weekend!


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  1. Jeffrey, Biggest compliment with impact!!!!!!!!!!! Yours from Bren & how your trilogy got her to read English books again plus how she found out she liked sci-fi!!! –And filled with love for you as a bonus! My recollection on your question was immediate. It came in the form of a letter of recommendation by my superintendent of schools where I taught middle school history for 11 years: “As a teacher, Mr. Fontana is the kind of outstanding educator an administrator like me comes across only once in my career.” –That letter sailed me into several career advancing positions from vice principal to principal. –Humbling. Phil


  2. Hmmm? Do back handed compliments count? No really, I don’t know what compliment has had an impact as I treat any one that is given as gold. Sometimes, just getting precious feed back, even if it is not complimentary, is a great thing. Be safe and well…cheers!


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