The Streets Are Emptier

Walking has always had a therapeutic effect on me and the benefits from forest walks have been studied for a long time. Bren and I thought it might be fun to start playing Pokémon GO and yes, the timing is really weird with the Corona outbreak and the safety measures we all need to take now. But one thing is really weird and that’s how the parking lots around here are quite full, but the streets are really empty! And while this is understandable it does give us free reign to “catch ’em all”! 😉

We’ve been walking around every day for at least an hour to get some fresh air and everyone is giving each other a pretty wide berth, which is a good thing, of course. Especially elderly people we run into we try to avoid getting too close to them, but we have had quite a few talks with them as well. So it seems that there’s quite a lot of Dutch people who still dare to go on the streets, because we don’t have a full blown shutdown here.


It’s not as bad as the ruined Fallout 4 streets, yet 😛

I’ve also been writing again and I’m really getting into my latest novel, which I don’t know when I’ll finish, because I’m not plotting it out so far. I’m just going with the flow and I know where I want to go with the story. It really has been a way for me to vent and philosophize on life and what’s important to me as a person and now that the protagonist has finally met a mysterious girl he sees on the square where he lives, things are about to get really interesting!

I heard some people say that they don’t really like apocalyptic or dystopian stories now that the Corona Virus is running rampant, but this really is a reality we need to live in. This thing will pass, Humanity will survive to live another day and when we overcome this, there will be others like it. It’s just that there are too many people on this globe and this is one way for Mother Earth to try and hit a rest button of sorts. Thankfully, we’re not as wildly unprepared for scenarios like these than we used to and the chances you’ll die from the Covid-19 virus are still a whole lot smaller than dying from other diseases, like cancer. If you like playing around with numbers, check this article!

And meanwhile, the streets here are emptier than they were before 😉

Stay safe all!


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