Monday Musing #9: Survival Mode

What a weird time to be alive! Today our prime minister did an announcement to all citizens and I just couldn’t shake that images of the introduction of Fallout 4, where the protagonist and his spouse watch the news that people need to head to their vaults to seek shelter from the bombs that will inevitably fall. Nothing like that was announced today, but as a writer you like to play around with those scenarios. At least I do 😉

Still, the Netherlands, like a lot of other countries worldwide have been put in a state where most social gathering places like bars, sports clubs, restaurants, etc, are shut down. We’re only a step away from a total lock down, which a lot of people were guessing would happen. The fact that we didn’t choose for that option was based on scientific fact and what experts deem to be the best way to deal with this crisis in our country. I can understand people don’t agree with the fact that people will get infected with the virus, but apparently they didn’t listen to the reasons why.

Survival Mode

Maybe I’ll get myself one of these to head outside 😛

As I’m home with a burn-out I find it even stranger to find myself in the midst of this crisis and I’ve chosen deliberately not to go on social media for some time to avoid myself from becoming even more over-stimulated. As if dealing with myself wasn’t enough now 😛

I hope you’re all doing everything to keep yourself safe. Bren and I are trying to keep a level head and try not to let this whole thing get the better of ourselves. We’re quite sober when it comes to the virus and are taking all the precautions we can. It’s just weird to see that Humanity rears its ugly face in these times of crisis. People hoarding stuff, fearmongering and people giving their “expert” opinion on Facebook aren’t really helping anyone. I just hope this thing will blow over soon, so we can start getting back to our lives.

Stay safe!


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