Happy Mar10!

It’s March 10th! Better known as Mar10, or Mario Day! ^_^ Because I’m such an avid Nintendo fan, I can’t just let this day go by without paying some attention to it! 😉 Mario has been a great part of my life since I was young. We used to play on the NES at a friend of mine. My parents had given me a SEGA Master System, so they always came to me to play Sonic. Still, I always liked Super Mario Bros. just a bit better than Sonic.

My true love for Super Mario came when I was in my early teens and I finally got a Super Nintendo Entertainment System for X-mas. The edition I got was the bundle with Super Mario All Stars, a compilation of all the NES Mario games, and probably the first remake in the entire history of video games!


This was the box. I just loved it so much!

One of the greatest perks of growing up around the time when Mario became an icon is that I was also able to see the technology and games becoming increasingly more complex. Yet, the Super Mario games always held the same high quality and they were always very easy to learn how to play, but hard to master. One of the signs you’re playing a grade A video game.

Whether you play Mario in 2D or 3D, one thing that the games have always stood for is fun and nowadays, with the Nintendo Switch there’s plenty of choice to choose from! Even games featuring Mario’s sidekick Yoshi! I really love those games to bits. Ever since my introduction to Yoshi in Super Mario World I loved that little dinosaur. I even have a small collection of Yoshis at home! 🙂


Yoshi’s Crafted World is another great spin-off!

Now, there’s always a bit of a debate going on which Mario game is the best. If I really have to choose I do prefer the 2D ones, but I think that’s mostly due to nostalgia. But I really loved Super Mario Odyssee on Nintendo Switch and Super Mario Maker 2 is a game I still have to buy as a long time fan. I had a ton of fun creating an entire game for my friend Wouter called Super Wouter World, when the first one came out.

For me there’s always an internal conflict on whether I like Super Mario Bros 3 best or Super Mario World, both are excellent games that form the pinnacle of platform gaming, but usually when I have to choose Super Mario World wins. Probably because of Yoshi. 🙂 But also because the graphics held up really good in this day and age and the music is just so catchy!

Today we were also teased by LEGO and Nintendo! Apparently we can expect a Super Mario LEGO set soon! I can’t wait to see what it’ll be and I’m so glad that Nintendo is finally working together with LEGO! I really hope we’ll see Legend of Zelda sets coming out too and I’ll probably can wave goodbye to my wallet 😛


The teaser was really vague… but more info soon! 😀

What is your favourite Mario game? Please let me know!

Happy gaming!


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  1. Jeffrey, Happy Mario Day to you! I never knew there was so much to know about Super Mario! I think I mentioned previously what big fans my three sons were growing up with Nintendo & Super Mario & more!
    The oldest, Andy, is still going strong in that regard at age 42 & has made Mario & Luigi nuts out of his sons, my two grandsons. And now you say there will be a Super Mario LEGO set soon. –You will never be at a loss for something to do with all your interests & talents! Phil


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