Yesterday was a long day, but also a day where I finally had the feeling that I’m going to climb out of whatever it is I’ve gotten myself into. There’s a modicum of peace, but what amazes me is how much impact a single message from someone can have on my mood now. This hypersensitivity is something I never really had, but if I look back at the past month or so, I can see the signs were there. Turning off the blue ticks of WhatsApp, turning off notifications on all kinds of other messaging services and email. All  a clear sign that I was getting too much impulses and wasn’t able to handle all of them in a normal manner.

Today I’ve rested as much as I could. We went for a walk and the realization came that I’ve finally chosen for myself. Something I should have done some time ago. Something I even regularly speak of on this blog even! Although perhaps in a different manner from what I did now. Because work can never be so important that you risk your health for it.


The bigger sets will stay, but all the really small ones are going in storage for now!

I feel that I’ve had an okay day and after writing this blog, I’m going to do something I was planning some time ago, but never really found the time for. I’m going to start deconstructing some of my LEGO sets, to make room for new ones. We already have a big box that can contain all the small Star Wars Micro Fighter sets that I own. Those I’m going to deconstruct, so I can enjoy building them again sometime later. 🙂 I hope the symbolism of deconstruction and building something new will help me to process everything, but this is what I feel like doing, so that’s what I’m going to do! I’ll show you the results later! ^_^


Pretty much everything on this side will go into storage for now. With the exception of the A-Wing, Y-Wing, Luke’s Hut and the Carbonite Freezing Chamber sets 🙂

What helps you when you feel like you need some change in your life? Do you also clean out old stuff and replace it with something new? 🙂 Let me know in the comments!

Happy building!


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  1. Jeffrey, All good thoughts & reflections going on as your process these few days. –That “modicum of peace,” the impact of a single message from someone & your hypersensitivity, the signs were there turning off notifications on all kinds of other messaging services and email, too much to handle in a normal manner. And now with enough rest turning to something you’ve wanted to do for sometime, deconstructing LEGO/Star Wars sets to make way for new ones!!! –Doing what you feel like doing! And great photos of it all!!!!!!! You are rebounding in such a healthy way! Hugs to Bren for her help to you I have no doubt! Carry on! Phil

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