Personality Types

They say that our personalities develop at our youngest years and those early years form our core personalities and who we will become, eventually. Humans are always striving to categorize and create a certain order in things. This has everything to do with our innate curiosity and our wish to understand the world around us. Human psychology is an interesting field of expertise and I’ve read my share of books from neurologists and psychologists.

Now, when I find myself being in a conflict (mostly based on our personalities) I decided to do a personality test, so I can better explain, and hopefully convince, the parties involved what my personality is like, so we can come to a mutual agreement more easily. The test I did is based on the theory known as the Myers-Briggs theory. After doing the test you will end up with a four letter acronym that quite accurately describes your personality. The first time I ever did this I was amazed at how accurate the description fit me. Maybe not a 100%, of course, but still, it was a good description of my personality overall.


My result was that I have an Advocate (or INFJ-T) type personality, which wasn’t exactly what I expected, but when I started reading what this entails, I found myself agreeing with almost everything the website says about how I give meaning and purpose to my life. For instance, Advocates love writing as a form of expression and are mostly introverted. I’ll probably delve deeper into this subject this week, because I’m intrigued by the results and hope I can share some more about myself in the process ๐Ÿ™‚

Curious what kind of type you are? Check the website and find out! ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy testing!


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  1. Jeffrey, This was fascinating & great! I took the personality test & had it emailed to me.. I have an Advocate (or INFJ-T) type personality which matches yours to my surprise!!! As I think about it, perhaps I should not be surprised! It was great reading the analysis provided following the test! It will be interesting to hear what more you have to say on the subject of your personality in an upcoming post. Phil

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  2. INFJs are the actors of social change, which is why you guys are so great are writing and communicating your ideas. They say Jesus was an INFJ, it must be an honor!

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