Monday Musings #1

Today is “Blue Monday” and according to pseudoscience, this is supposedly the most depressing day of the year. Well, I think most Mondays are depressing when my alarm goes off, so I don’t think this Monday is any different from the others. Looking back at this month, I’ve been really working hard on my current goals and there’s absolutely no reason to feel depressed, so yay me!

Blue Monday

Just keep going! Blue Monday is just another marketing tool backed up by pseudoscience! πŸ˜‰

What I do know is that a lot of people struggle with their resolutions and usually around the end of this month, they’ll have completely failed to change their lives. I really think that this is mostly due to setting the bar too high. If you want to change your life, you really need to try and do so gradually. I’m one of those persons who wants to do become healthier and then I go do a workout, overextend myself and end up having horrible muscle aches, causing me to wait until the ache has lessened, by which time I’ll probably do it all over again. Not this time, though! πŸ™‚

By applying the Kaizen method of gradually changing your life, I’ve now been doing smaller workouts, with less intensity, so I can slowly build to where I want to get. I didn’t start doing my crosstrainer workout with 20 minutes on the timer, but 10 and the lowest resistance setting. And I’ve been playing Ring Fit Adventure too, which is just the most awesome way to work out, ever. I’ll be writing a review about it soon! Bren and I have been playing that game and we’ve been having so much fun! And it’s quite challenging too! So, I’m doing it this time, with baby steps, but before too long I’ll be doing my workouts at the length I feel is comfortable and meaningful. I hope that by February I’ll be doing 30-45 minute workouts at least three times a week. As things are looking now, I’ll be doing just that, then make it a habit!

Geen fotobeschrijving beschikbaar.

This is usually me…

So, how are you doing this “Blue Monday”? Just remember that it’s a choice to allow “official” days like this to affect your mood πŸ˜‰ It’s just another Monday. Still the worst day of the week, according to yours truly, but I’m here drinking coffee and kicking arse.Β  What’s your excuse? πŸ˜›

Happy Blue Monday!



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  1. Jeffrey, “Blue Monday”…It’s all hype! As you said, everything in moderation & slowly build up to things, especially physical workouts. You & Bren playing “Ring Fit Adventure”!!! –Got to hear what that’s all about! I haven’t opened up about my life with your recent posts about self-improvement in your life. I am trying to get my life back on track while fixing up the new place & being there for Geri as she anticipates testing & her second surgery to “reconnect.” –Not to mention time on task as our own financial manager. Plus, I too have my physical workout routines. Time as you know is the biggest problem. And NUMBER ONE on that score is Facebook!!! As with you my goal is to spend less time on FB. With 350+ “friends” it is not easy. It takes me at least an hour a day to “service” FB, time I need for reading, etc. Add to that all the communications in various forms of the people I know from my early “school days” to college, the US Army, my education career, & my old website (dormant for the last year), & it’s a real race in time daily! —- To change the subject, 50 years ago this Thursday, January 23, 1970, I landed in Vietnam for the year!!! And I survived that experience! —-To end my tirade, if you have any advice about time on Facebook, I am all ears, because I know you wanted to cut your time on Facebook as well!!! Thanks for “listening”! I know how busy you are! How you are able to post daily is beyond me! Please share my struggle with Bren for her input too! Phil

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