Finding some Peace of Mind

Every morning, shortly after I get up, I meditate. I’ve been doing this for quite some time now and the benefits of doing it are great. Not only do I feel like I’m more anchored to the here and now, I also feel calmer and feel like I can handle whatever’s going to come at me that day just a little bit more.

Patience you must have, my young padawan.

People in this day and age, especially those in Western civilisation tend to just rush from one appointment to the next. I’ve lived like that for quite some time and enjoyed a busy life of work, meeting with friends and partying. But the inevitable backlash of such a lifestyle will come at one point or another and you’ll start feeling restless, burned out even. Well before that happens should be a point to reconsider your life, but usually we don’t see things until they happen. I’ve been there too. Once you realise it’s okay to say “No” to people if they’re asking you for something and you don’t feel like going, you’ll start feeling a little better. We often have a tendency to think people have high expectations of us, and sometimes this might be true, but you should never ignore your own well-being to please others. Meditation can be of great help in this regard too.

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Taking some time for yourself

Meditation is all about taking a moment for yourself. I’ve been using an app called Headspace for guided meditation and it offers a wide variety of different programs you can try. There is an annual membership attached to this app, but you can try it for free for two weeks. I wasn’t into meditation before and always thought it was just a bunch of mumbo jumbo, but there has been a ton of studies on the health benefits of meditation.

The thing I always love after meditating and opening my eyes again is just how present I can be in the moment. I don’t reach that state every day, but it has become easier over time. Meditation is something you need to learn, but over time you’ll see it becomes like a second nature, almost.

Yoda Meditating

Yoda By matthubelart

I’ll be digging into this topic more, but I just wanted you to know that one of the (silly) reasons I wanted to try meditating was that I always found that Master Yoda from Star Wars seemed to gain great insight and calm from doing it. Well, I  suppose it doesn’t matter who or what inspires you to meditate, as long as you do it. Because there is no try! Only do, or do not! 😉

Happy meditating!


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  1. Jeffrey, I’m impressed! if Master Yoda was you inspiration, what more encouragement do we need to try meditation! Ha! I hope you DO follow up on this & expand the kinds of mediation your app guides you through. The few brief articles I have read on meditation spoke of a model that is repeated; e.g., deep breathing, counting inhale & exhale, listening to your breathing, & trying to wipe your mind clear (even if you fail, keep trying each day, & slowly improving on this). I have tried this & found it very relaxing but did not follow through. Due to our lives in these recent years, I have felt a great need for meditation. I also wonder about the intersection of meditation, walks in the great outdoors, & prayer rituals. Phil

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    • Hi Phil! I know it sounded silly, but I just had to admit that I would want to emulate the calm and wisdom a fictional character imbued upon me, haha. I will definitely follow up on this, with some more information on routines. Meditation can be used in a variety of ways and sometimes it’s meant to clear your mind, so you’ll be more present in the moment, while at other times you’re asked to focus on an visualisation, or a body scan. I think everyone can benefit from meditation and you can even combine it with forest walking, or “shinrin yoku”, the Japanese term for Forest Bathing. Which comes down to taking a walk and truly being present in the moment, taking in your surroundings and being mindful. The benefits of taking walks like that can still be felt days after you’ve taken them!

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