Bye bye, holiday…

Two weeks have gone by so fast and tomorrow is my first day at work again after a much deserved leave of absence. It’s been a good two weeks and I’ve relaxed a lot. Tomorrow will be a new start, so to speak. A new year, and hopefully new challenges.

Usually when I go to bed on Sunday I’m not really tired. My natural rhythm is far from something that fits the standard office hours, which is why I start late in the first place. I need quite some time to get started and I don’t like rushing. Tonight will probably be quite bad when it comes to sleep, because I won’t be tired at all.


This is what it’ll be like tomorrow morning šŸ˜›

But it’s not all bad, of course. I look forward to seeing my colleagues again and there will be a whole bunch of challenges at work we’ll need to overcome this year with a growing company. It’ll also be a good way to get back into my rhythm of working my office job and writing. For some reason I find it easier to find the discipline to get stuff done. My morning routine will start again too. My daily fix of meditation, journalling and reading before work.

In the upcoming week I’m going to start actively losing weight too and I’ll be starting a routine of doing cardio training and trying our brand new Ring Fit Adventure game for the Nintendo Switch. When I did a 30 minute training session earlier I was having muscle aches for about two days after. That’s the state my body is in. It was far from ready, let me tell you.

So, tomorrow. New year at work. I’ll let you know how the first day was tomorrow šŸ˜‰

Happy reading!


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  1. Jeffrey, This is your “ready, set, go” post!!! Good luck with the cardio training & losing weight! It would be interesting to hear about “what the hell you do” at the office as “Functioneel Beheerder,” or functional manager!!! And also tell us about “Vampire Bordello” as lead vocalist???!!! (from your Facebook “About.”) Phil

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    • My office job is quite different from my creative outlets in writing and being the lead vocalist in Vampire Bordello. That’s for sure! I suppose I could tell something about my day job too, of course, because it is a very interesting company I work for!

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  2. Jeffrey, I think it is enriching to learn about an author’s life & interests. How & when do you find time for the band & gigs? You sing. Do you play an instrument? And what exactly do you do as your day job? re what business are you engaged in? Phil


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