Road to Redemption, Part V

It is finally done! Last Friday, 8th of March, I finally completed the last finishing touches to get The Xoron Redemption ready for print with my editor, Caroline Mackie and my publisher, Rianne Lampers. It was a rough and long week, with lots going on regarding the manuscript. I’m really glad it’s done and over now. Last weekend I spent most of my time just relaxing, but today I thought I’d share my thoughts on the whole process of getting the book ready for market.

Words of thanks

After going through the last comments and changes to the manuscript I still had a few things left to do. The book itself doesn’t just contain the story, with all its chapters. I also had to write a foreword. I re-read the ones I had written for my past books, to get back into the vibe of writing a foreword. It’s never easy to find the right words and I always run out of space to thank everyone I love.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor thank you calligraphy pen

I think mostly this is because I am truly thankful for everyone who supports me. The first version was way too long, with me thanking pretty much everyone I knew, so I had to cut back a little. Still, I ended up thanking everyone who helped me with this book, either directly, or indirectly, but especially the ones I love. Not all of them by name, but I hope everyone understands I mean them if I didn’t name them explicitly.

List of characters

Also, I needed to supply Rianne with a list of all the characters in my book. The latter is something we’ve done since book I, so it was kind of a no-brainer to add it to this one too. Except that I didn’t take notes as well as I did during the writing of book III… I ended up having to ask my girlfriend Bren to scan through the document to help me put the list together, because I was already pressed on time and didn’t have much left to go through the entire document myself with all the editing work going on in the meantime.

Somewhere at the end of the afternoon I finally had completed a full list of characters, including a short sentence to remind my readers who the character is in The Xoron Redemption. The list is over seventy characters long! That’s quite a lot and it’s not really any surprise people sometimes forget who is who! I wanted to give a big shout-out to Bren for helping me put the list together on such short notice. I love you, to the Death Star and back ❤

The long wait is nearly over…

Celtica Publishing announced that The Xoron Redemption will be available on Dutch Comic Con in Utrecht, during the weekend of 23rd & 24th of March. I’ll be there in person to sign any copies of my books! And who knows, I might have a little something extra for you! 🙂

If you can’t make it to Dutch Comic Con, you can still pre-order my book through the Celtica Webshop, just click the image below! The Xoron Redemption will be available in bookstores and online from March 25th 2019!

Pre-Order now Xoron Redemption.jpg

Thank you for reading yet another bit of my rambling! I hope you enjoyed it!

Happy reading!


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  1. Jeffrey!!!!!!!!!! More than excited for you from all you say. Reading above, what is my best way to purchase in US dollars through a credit card charge I guess it was? I have emails from my last purchase from Rianne I can look at. And you also got involved to write & sign the books. Thanks. If it’s too involved, I will wait until after we are settled in our new house….as I have previously said. GO TO IT, TIGER!!! Best wishes for your publication day!!!! Phil

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    • Philip, thank you so much for your kind words, as always. I’m humbled by your enthusiasm! I believe you should be able to order the book by using your credit card. If you contact Rianne I’m certain she can help you out! I hope you’re enjoying your new home! Take some time to get settled, my book will be available for a long time 🙂 kind regards, Jeffrey

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  2. Jeffrey, Thank you for your sentiments! And thank you for your advice re purchase & understanding if I wait some time to do so. While we “Closed” on our new townhouse, we don’t move in until April 13…..but we are there everyday moving the fragile things until moving day. I know you will enjoy The Xoron Redemption coming out at Dutch Comic Con, Utrecht, March 23rd & 24th, & signing copies. And then that BIG March 25 roll-out & availability!!!!!! It’s almost here! Happy for you! …And for Bren too! Phil


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