Monday Musings, Week 33, 2022

Another fresh week and another fresh Monday Musings! Yesterday I posted a new blog about how moving affected me and what I learned from it this time around. This week it’s time to start looking forward, to what the rest of this year will bring us. Bren was invited to attend a fair as a vendor with her items from The Green Dream Shop and there’s little time left to prepare for it. She’s doing all she can to prepare and I’m assisting her as much as I possibly can to make sure everything will be a success then. I have a good feeling about it and hopefully it will spark the growth of her shop that we’re both wishing for!
Monday Musings #33
Checking my 2022 goals
I know I said I’d be looking forward, but before we can truly do that, I need to check in with myself and be honest about how my goals for 2022 have panned out thus far. Goals are guidelines for me and never set in stone with hard deadlines, although I try to set deadlines so I won’t become lazy. My modus operandi is to become an extreme procrastinator if I don’t have any deadlines. So I need to set them and hold myself accountable if I don’t meet them. Knowing you’re lazy by nature doesn’t mean you just have to accept it. My theory is that the majority of Humanity is lazy by nature, which explains why we seem to make so little progress, even though we’re nearing a population of 8 billion people. Anyway, I digress. I’ll be checking in with myself later this week and see if I can still make something of the last four months of this year!
Reading and gaming
Now that we’re settling in our new home and there’s less time consuming stuff that needs to be done, we can finally relax a little bit. I finally managed to finish ‘Fox and I’, which I was to stubborn to quit reading. In all honesty I should have just abandoned the book, because it nearly caused another reading dip for me. From now on if a story doesn’t manage to entertain me after 50-100 pages, I’ll just abandon it. I can easily do the same thing with videogames if the game fails to entertain me after a couple of hours. Thankfully I’ve become pretty good at guessing which games are right up my alley and which aren’t. But sometimes you do make mistakes and well, there’s just not enough time to keep trudging on if you don’t really like something you’re spending leisure time on, right? Maybe I’ll write a blog about that sometime soon as well.🙂 I have been keeping busy with some games and even played one during our move. I think I’ll write an in-depth review of Spiritfarer soon, because it is such an impressive game that even keeps me busy now that I have finished it.
Oh, yes, and that writing thing!
Yes! Writing. That thing that I do, mostly as a blogger in recent times, but also as a novelist, of course. I am very keen on continuing my journey with my Kevar friends and moving has even given me some inspirational moments where I was like “What if I would add this to the story? Or what if my first cat makes a return in the story, but this time not as Patriarch Kos, mainly because he hasn’t been born when the story takes place, but rather as some sort of guide to lost spirits? A sort of…. Spiritfarer? Those and many other ideas are firmly dotted down in my notebook so I don’t forget when I continue my work on the first novel. I’m really excited about it myself (as you can probably read) and very keen on working on it again soon!
I hope you enjoyed my ramblings, once again and I wish you all a great week and lots of inspiration!

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  1. Jeffrey, Wish Bren our best in her preparations as a vendor for the upcoming fair with The Green Dream Shop!!! So good that you are assisting her. It will be interesting to hear about the impact of moving on your 2022 goals. “Like it or drop it” sounds like practical approach to your reading & gaming. Sounds good that you have been jotting down new ideas for your Kevar novels along the way. You have plenty to blog about!!! Phil


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