Monday Musings, Week 24, 2022

Hello everyone! June is shaping up to be an interesting month, to say the least. Bren and I received a letter from our landlord that our rent will be going up, starting July and although we love our little apartment, the price is rather high, which leaves us with little space to actually save money. So in a new effort to do something about this, we have started a search for a new place to rent, even though we’d love to buy, but we can’t due to how the housing market works in the Netherlands. Or rather, how it fails to work. But anyway, that’s enough waffling about our housing situation, let’s get down to discussing what I’ve been up to lately!

Monday Musings 24

On Writing

I’m really hoping to get some work done on the next chapters of my Kevar novel, but last week was quite hectic and although I did find time to write a bunch of blogs, I have to get back into my writing groove a bit. It’s mostly because there’s some other personal stuff going on that requires my attention at the moment, but I’m confident I can get back to it this week.

I really liked doing a short blog with my first Stoic Shorts, and this week I have another one planned, as well as a review for something. You’ll find out what later this week 😉

On Reading

A couple of months ago I suspended my Audible subscription for three months, because I still had a bunch of unused credits left and I felt like I was paying when I didn’t have to. But I ran out of credits a bit faster than I wished, because I started listening to audiobooks not just while commuting, but also while working out in the gym, so I could have a sort of double whammy effectiveness in my training. Training the body and mind at the same time is awesome! I renewed my subscription last night and chose the book The End of Ownership as my next “read”.

The End of Ownership

I thought it was pretty ironic that I am listening to an audiobook that I don’t own and is part of my subscription that is specifically about this subject. The book is all about how we own less and less, trading off costs and ownership for a wider selection of available books and content. So far it’s quite an interesting book!

I’m also progressing slowly with “Fox and I”, but the book has caused my reading to get into a bit of a rut. And I’ve also nearly finished Meditations for the second time!

On Gaming

I’ve nearly completed the Master Quest Map in Hyrule Warriors, I’m currently sitting at 91%, so I’m expecting to finish that somewhere this week. After that I’m going to park the game for a while, until I have that itch to play the game again. It’s been a lot of fun playing through the map, but the game does become a bit stale after slaying so many enemies.


I’ve also started a game that I had barely touched on my 3DS back in the day: Pokémon Moon! Set in the Alola region and featuring many fan favourite Pokémon in new Alolan forms. I’m very excited about my first few hours in-game and really curious how long it will take me to beat this instalment in the ever popular franchise. Somehow, it feels perfect to play this tropical adventure during this time of year 🙂

Upcoming blogs

This week I’m aiming to write a new entry in my blog series on writing, a new Stoic Short and maybe a review, so please stay tuned for all of that later!

I hope you’re all going to have a great week!

Happy Monday!


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  1. Jeffrey, Best wishes to you & Bren with you apartment search. I know how you like your present apartment. Hope you do get back to writing the next chapters of your Kevar novel, I know how that pleases you. And you are reading three books presently!!! Your gaming goes on scaling down the one game & starting up another. I enjoyed your last blog in your new series of short blogs & look forward to your next Stoic Short and maybe a review. Jeffrey, how do you have the time for all you do & your job too?????!!!!!!!!!!! Phil

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    • Hey Phil, I get a lot of energy from doing the things I like and I can always find a bit of time to write every day. It may seem like a lot, but as I said in this blog I barely wrote on my novel the past week, because I didn’t have the time and didn’t want to push myself too hard. I try to read about half an hour every day at least, so that isn’t much time either. And time spent “reading” my audiobook is when I’m already working out in the gym, so it’s time spent efficiently. I suppose that’s what it really comes down to, spending it wisely, while never losing touch with my (mental) health and relaxation needs. 🙂

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