Monday Musings, Week 5, 2022

Hello there lovely people! It’s yet another Monday and January is on its way out for 2022. That means the most depressing month is finally over and we can start looking forward to Spring. Tomorrow is also the Imbolc, the Pagan festival for the coming Spring. Bren and I will be celebrating and probably give it some attention on our blog, or at least our social media πŸ˜‰

Monday Musings (5)

Yesterday I posted a recap of my goals for 2022 and did a quick check-up to see if I was still on track. I’m really glad with how January went and am looking forward to what February will bring. Granted, I don’t really like January and February, but at least Spring will be a little bit closer and especially when there’s not really much winter weather and it’s basically just Autumn 6 months in a row, it gets a bit boring. Hopefully we might see some wintry days in February, I’d really love to see some snow and take a forest stroll.

Doing some thinking and re-reading for my upcoming scifi novel

This week I’m going to focus exclusively on reading through the material of my new novel. I wrote about two chapters spread across two years or so, so it is time for a visit and see if I still think it’s good, or maybe time to bin it all and restart all over again. My gut feeling says I’ll probably need to rewrite a little bit, but from what I remember I really like the start of the story. It basically just throws the reader right into the story and that’s how I like most of them to be.

The most important decision I’ll have to make, however, is the structure of the overall story. Since there’s going to be five medium sized novels, I’ll need to find a way to tell the main story, but there should also be a focus on every main character’s past before joining the unlikely band of heroes.

Upcoming blogs

I’ve also written a draft for a new mindfulness blog, which I’m going to post somewhere in the upcoming week. It is the first in a series on having a stoic mindset and I’m hoping to do many more of them. I’m also very excited to see reactions to it! I’ve also got a couple of reviews coming up for books I’m reading and I’m thinking about doing another videogame related blog. They don’t get as much traffic as I had hoped, but I don’t care. I’m writing them for my own pleasure and that’s way more important than view counts and likes πŸ˜‰

Happy Monday!


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