Monday Musings, Week 51, 2021

Hello everyone! Another week, another Monday Musings! Last week ended up being quite a fun week. I spent my time visiting one of my best friends and managing to get Yule gifts before the Netherlands was inevitably locked down again due to the rise of the Omicron variant of the Corona virus. Yes, indeed, we’re once again being locked down, meaning most stores are closed, with the exception of supermarket and other stores that sell primary life needs. Apparently alcohol is also part of that.

Monday Musings (51)

Just one more week of work and Yule starts tomorrow!

This is my last work week and then it’s holiday time! I’m looking forward to two weeks off work and celebrating X-mas, or Yule in our case. Tomorrow is the official start of the Yule celebration, but we do stick to the X-mas days to give each other gifts. I’m really glad I’m done with all of the shopping. It was a bit more challenging this year, but I think I succeeded in getting the right gifts.

The next days I’ll be looking forward to next year and everything I want to achieve. Maybe I’ll be able to get a rough list of goals going this week, although I’m planning to really sit down to formulate them once my holidays have started.

Upcoming articles this week

As I said, this week I’ll be brainstorming on my goals, so I won’t be posting my 2022 goals, yet. But I am planning on doing several articles about my 2021 in books and videogames, and maybe some other blog about how 2021 went for me. I might also write another review for either a book, or a videogame. Here’s a little sneak peek at my stats for my Nintendo Switch year. I have to say I’m really looking forward to some of next year’s big releases as well! 2022 is looking good so far! đŸ™‚


I hope you’re all planning to have a great week!

Happy Monday!


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